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    Hi all when I did some searching and reading about lights. It is said that the dynamo generator will burnout. Ok besides it burning out the one i looked at Elephant brand it says 12volt 6W. I had a look at my dolphin torch/Flashlight it has a 6volts 3.3W globe. That torch/flashlight is fairly bright.
    So 12volt 6W that sounds bright to me, but from memory/old School days these things were not bright at all. Can I have some feed back from others about this? I was thinking of modifying the generator so it may not burnout.
    I figure that it's the constant high speed that's burning out the generator, so if I can modify it to slow it down. BUT if it isn't bright enough than it's not worth it. I also have read that some have brought a dynamo kit and thrown the generator away and put a 7.5volt 3W globe in it and run it off the white wire.

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    I think Sturmey Archer Hub Dynamo is a key to start researching many options. Look to see if they have a capacitor type yet, this allows the lights to stay on for a while when stopped at traffic lights, etc.
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    The lights with a capacitor (LED bulbs) are also called "Stand" lights. (Because they still produce light while you're standing...)