Dyno Deuce build soon to be In progress

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    Good news everyone! I am about to acquire a rare original GT Dyno Deuce on craigslist next weekend for $250. Very hard to find and am glad to be getting a sweet deal on it. I was hoping to get a gloss black but I'll have to settle with a gloss red which still looks awesome. this bike was built in the early 2000's and its still in great shape. It was hardly ridden but well kept over the years and has been in a garage free from environmental exposure.

    I am so glad its not a Kustom Kruisers deuce as those are the junky department store quality versions. The company went bankrupt after partnering up with pacific (selling out basically) when quality started going down the drain. I plan on using it for my motorized bike build. I want a 4 stroke but would settle with a 2 stroke if I had to as I have seen that very bike with a 2 stroke motor. Here's a pick of the bike. I know I've been back and forth with bikes but I finally settled for a good cruiser I want. The dyno deuce is living proof companies shouldn't throw away quality for style and vice versa. Its a true muscle bike if you ask me.
    . dyno deuce.jpg
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    I have one of those. But the black one and it doesn't have the original front forks. It has a springer. It's a awesome bike to ride. So smooth and you can tell the quality by riding it. I think it would look awesome with a motor kit. Better if you can get a custom tank to fit in the frame.

    Anyways, can't wait to see it.
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    Nice! I took a black one for a test ride at a local Giant bike shop back when they used to make them. They are very comfortable and stylish.

    I tried to look for a black one but the only one I found was on eBay for $400 way out in New Jersey for pick up only and the nearest black deuce I found was $200 but didn't have the origonal tires and the fenders and chain guard had been removed.

    I'm going to pick it up next Saturday on the 7th. It may not be a gloss black deuce but it still looks good and has all origonal parts and it's like new.
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    O..O oh man am I jealous.. what size is the frame triangle? Also, any kit you get might not have a long enough throttle cable.

    You MUST have someone(yourself?) fab up a gas tank that fits the frame, you know where. Show bike right there, if done right. If the rear axle is fat enough, you could get an 8ga steel wheel coaster hub fitted for badassedness.

    But that's down the road. First is a frame measurement, and an engine kit evaluation according to size and need. cheers
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    I'll let you know about the frame measurements after I get the bike. I don't really want a fabricated gas tank as the one included in the motor kit should fit on the bike just fine. This is an example of what it would look like with a 2 stroke. Dyno Deuce motorized.jpg
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    I got the dyno deuce today! It's in pretty good shape asside from a few scratches which aren't really noticable. Took some mesurements and the frame looks like it should fit an engine. Maybe even a 4 stroke kit which I would prefer. Nobody to my knowledge has done a 4 stroke build on a dyno deuce from what I tried to find on google search.

    The frame is 14 inches from the bottom bracket to the seat. and the area where a motor mount would go is about 7 inches which should just barely fit without me having to remove the chain guard (which I'd prefer not to do as it looks better with it on)

    I should even be able to use the deuce chrome skull gripps as they should be able to expand over the throttle. I would hate to replace the origonal cranks with extended ones for the 4 stroke but I would if I had to.
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    Here's a pick of the bike currently in my garage. The tires are in great shape as I really value those Fireball tires because they dont make them anymore and probably never will. Dyno GT.jpg
  8. Paul E.

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    Thats so freakin sweet, I can't stand it. Can't wait to see the finished mb!!