E-bike vs. Gas?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by jraice, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. jraice

    jraice Guest

    Road an e-bike, it was sort-off a standard style bike with a twist throttle, regular brakes, the engine was self contained in the frame inside a box, very clean looking...

    Decent pull flat and real nice downhill speed, but sluggish (almost not possible) on the steeper hills...

    Anyways it was a fun ride but Ill be doing a 50-80cc gas bike, how will it compare in torque and max speed?

  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    gas has more power, range and speed
    I rode a very heavy bike (approx75-80 lbs) 24 miles a up a mountain
    try that with an e-bike !!!(the one guy that tried, had a front and rear hub, and, had to carry the batteries to run it in a trailer :shock:)
  3. jraice

    jraice Guest


    Thats pretty sweet...

    I am just hoping ill be happy with this setup...

    I want to go with the 70cc engine, may end up doing 50cc (legal reasons)...

    In 9 months Ill be sitting on a 250cc 14,000RPM redline 2008 Ninja 250, then Ill be happy but for now I just want some motored fun in the hills, flats, anywhere really...

    I was looking into some street legal 50cc two stroke "dirt bikes"...

    Their main advantage is manual gearing (like the larger bikes)...

    But I guess Ill be happy with this setup, I had a blast for my short 5 min ride on the e-bike so this should be even better!

    Time to get an engine kit and pick up an old used road bike :)
  4. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    I have both

    The Ebike wins in one area. It's quiet. You can blow down the rode and only the observant will suspect that it is an assist bike.. At least until your battery dies, then you have to drag about 50 lbs of motor and battery around and you REALLY get a lot of exercise!!! I also like it because it is less powerful than my gas GEBE bike and I get a nice bit of exercise. I don't get as much exercise on the GEBE and I really need it. IF they ever get the density of electrical storage up to where gasoline is, then Ebikes will ROCK. For practical day in and day out transportation, Gas wins... Just an opinion from one who has built both.
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    personally, I would go for a cruiser or even mountain/hybrid style
    without suspension and the torque these little chinese engines have, you'll be truing/replacing wheels a lot
    you can do 25-30 on these easily, and a road bike would be too high maintenance
  6. jraice

    jraice Guest


    25-30 huh...

    I would really like a bit more speed then that...

    But I suppose...

    Most mountain bikes on the cheap have no or maybe front only suspension and cruisers I see usually have none...

    Or was that statement for the thin road bike wheels only?

    I am looking (on the budget obviously, Ill be getting a motorcycle like I said in 9 months so I dont want to spend more then $500-$600's) for the fastest bike I can get that will not be a real problem with things like wheel replacement, and other $$$ factors besides initial purchase...

    And slightly off topic but... so is the type of bike for this thread ;)

    Do most of you guys just wear regular bicycle helmets?

    I have a full face DOT and SNELL M2500 rated Shoei X-eleven helmet that I use when riding on the back of my dads harley, and will be wearing when I do get my 2008 Ninja 250. Thought it might be fun to wear it on this bike, eye protection, wind aerodynamics and it gets you in that motorcycle mindset which is pretty fun in itself ;)...

    I also have leather armoured jacket, gloves etc... but I think a motorcycle helmet is enough ;) Much more gear on something that still has pedals and you might look a little weird...
  7. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    Bicycles are not safe above 25-30

    If you want to ride above 25-30 then get a motorcycle. Bicycles are not designed for that kind of speed and illegal on the street anyway. Problem is that when you cheat like that, you threaten the whole hobby. If you want to ride 40-50 then find a cheap little honda 90 or buy a pep boys 125 CC and register it and get a mc license. PLEASE!!
  8. jraice

    jraice Guest

    Okay guys I didnt mean to cause any problems...

    I often hear of people getting 35-40mph speeds and averaging around 30mph...

    Thats all I want really...

    I just want a decent feeling of speed, not just a lazy little pull...

    But I enjoyed the e-bike so I guess any gas bike will be awesome :)

    Just gotta find one :/ I was pretty set on the road bike idea...

    I really like the tucked in position a road bike gives you compared to a more upright cruiser or mountain bike...
  9. Greenblazer

    Greenblazer Guest

    I like electric because I can zip down any sidewalk around here, and few even notice that I'm not pedaling. My Fuzzy Green Chopper was very stealthy though. On the other hand try riding a gas powered bike on the sidewalk, and the cops would be all over you. If I want to go fast I'll Ride my motorcycle. My electric bicycle would only go about 14 to 17MPH and that was plenty fast enough for me. Also I would not try to take a gasoline powered bike inside a building, but electric no problem bring it inside.


    Allan Greenblazer
  10. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    In MY opinion, 35, even 30 ,, is too fast to be riding a BIKE . If you think you want a motored BIKE, ride someone else's that will go that speed, & maybe that will change your mind. Maybe I am just too old, but it is " scary " to me, & the BIKE is NOT designed for those speeds, no matter what alterations you do to it.
    I feel that the more motored bikes are seen, the more local laws will be changed. Let a few people get seriously hurt or killed doing 40 , on a BIKE,, & watch what happens.
  11. jraice

    jraice Guest

    Okay GUys


    Maybe my persecption of speed is just off...

    I guess Ill grab a cheap hybrid or mountain bike, a ThatsDax motor and see what I can do :)
  12. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    Greenblazer I second those thoughts.

    >I like electric because I can zip down any sidewalk around here, and few even notice that I'm not pedaling.
    My experience as well.

    > My Fuzzy Green Chopper was very stealthy though. On the other hand try riding a gas powered bike on the sidewalk, and the cops would be all over you.
    Could not agree more.

    >Also I would not try to take a gasoline powered bike inside a building, but electric no problem bring it inside.
    Yep, I bet coworkers freak when you bring a can of gasoline and a smelly engine inside an office.

    I would be nice to see.

    $100 powerpacks instead of $1000
    Light powerpacks.
    Fast charging powerpacks.

    Hope the Ecar popularity will spin some of that off!!
  13. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    My bikes sing between 25-28 mph and I love it. I don't feel too safe over 30 but it is fun getting up to 33 or 34. You can always add suspension forks, seat posts and buy a big comfy seat. When the nobby tires go bad on my MTB, I'll switch to some smooth street tires like my cruiser has. I notice a big diff between the two.

    As for helmets be sure to read the "saftey" thread in General Disscussion and also read http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=7002&highlight=helmets
  14. atcspaul

    atcspaul Guest

    i have both an ebike and 70cc. to me its all about fun and the gas bike is a whole lot more fun. more speed, goes up hills with ease, and lighter. i am selling my electric bike
  15. Dax 70 with tuned pipe and 36 T rear will get you 34.4 MPH at roughly 6100 RPM on a slight uphill (personally I wouldn't try too many more rpm's for fear of blowing the engine). May have to gear up a bit to reach higher speeds if engine will pull the load...Of course down hill with really high (smaller rear sprocket) sprocket is a sure way to get 40+ MPH.....Try to be safe with the speed runs tho....
  16. Oh BTW FWIW the tuned pipe 70 with the 36T rear has enough power to run up a long steep hill faster than a stock engine with 44T in the rear....I feel that gearing higher than the 36T would be no problem (Note: stock engine with 36T did bog down going up the same hill). So 40 May be attainable but I haven't tried the numbers on paper to see if the ROM's would be "reasonable"....
  17. jraice

    jraice Guest


    Can somebody give me the simple answer to sprocket info I am lost and they seem rather expensive ($50's) so Ill likely stick with the stock one....

    Tuned pipe?

    Is that an aftermarket pipe or simply drilling holes/cutting the internal pipe as Dax's site shows?

    Would that mod work with the Kings motor as well?

    And you talk about not going to high on the RPM's... around 6000RPM max...

    How do you know what your at without a tach???

    The main area I want to cruise is a frequent spot for road bikes, its a nice flat curvy area with some slight up and down sections (I want to be able to get atlest 25-30 there to keep up with the minimal traffic this road see's) leading into a even more curvy medium-steep hill I'd like to be able to get up and then cruise down...

    Anyways I think Ill be happy with anything if its faster then the e-bike I road...

    Just need to order an engine :) and pick up a bike if mine doesnt work... Its a old (think its specialized, around 7-9 years old, honestly cant recall but it was my first bike) mountain bike, good condition, no shocks, could use a gear adjustement and new brakes, but clearly its a bit small... And I am now 5'10"...

    But Ill have to check it out again, I have road it recently without to much trouble, I am hoping for a somewhat leaned forward stance (like the road bike) but a mountain bike (stronger wheels).
  18. DougC

    DougC Guest

    It seems like everybody who has a motorized bike only goes one way or the other--not too many people seem into both.

    Electrics are quieter and cleaner, and can have more torque at lower speeds. Some electric motors (front hubs) attach very easily on to an extremely wide range of bicycles. Additionally, electrics are legal a few places that gasoline bikes are not.

    The main advantage of a gas engine is exactly what the electric lacks--and that's endurance. Five lbs of gasoline contains WAY more energy than any 5-lbs of batteries will hold, and the best batteries are extremely expensive, often driving the purchase price of an electric far over what a comparable-power gas setup would cost. The batteries also don't last forever, and for most setups, the cost-per-mile still exceeds what fueling a comparable 4-cycle gasoline engine would cost.

    Which one is "best" depends much on how you expect to use it.
    If the farthest you need to go is 10-15-20 miles, an electric can do that very well, and is easier to live with than a gas engine would be. If you expect to take multi-hour 100+ mile rides then forget about the electrics, because one that could do that would be far heavier and more expensive than a gas-engine setup would.


    I only have a gas-engine, and have little interest in "typical" electrics at all.

    What I think would be interesting is a hybrid setup--where you had an electric motor on the bicycle, and could run it either off of a set of batteries (for silent short-range operation) or off a gasoline engine generator/dynamo (for longer-distance use). At this point it seems like the only way to do this is to essentially pay for BOTH systems and then put them on one bike, and I'm kinda tapped out for silly money for a while so I don't expect I'll be playing with the concept in 2008.
  19. jraice

    jraice Guest

    Thanks guys

    While immediatly I dont see myself going much farther then e-bike range I just want the hill climbing ability of the gas really and from what I can tell the gas is cheaper then almost any e-bike kit...
  20. atcspaul

    atcspaul Guest

    my electric bike is fine on flat ground however you do have to peddle assist on most hills. my gas just fly's up the same hill i have to pedle up with the ebike