E-bikekit and Ping 48v 20ah LiFePo4?

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  1. The E-bikekit.com rear hub-motor wheel with 6 speed cassette and controller combined with a Ping 48v 20ah LiFePo4 battery and charger is what I'm thinking of using to electrify a bike. This set up will cost me over $1,000.00, but seems to have pretty much what I want/need in an e-bike to ride around town, run errands, and pick up groceries with a trailer from time to time. I hope to mount the battery in the frame, but I will need a wider crank set than stock to clear it.

    If I'm reading the data correctly I should get about 25mph and 25+ miles on a charge. My usual route is fairly flat, but includes a couple of short gradual hills and one very short but very steep hill. I will pedal assist at starting from a stop and up the hills, but will be running on battery most of the time. I am completely ignorant of electric powered vehicles, batteries, controllers, and such, so I would really appreciate any help before I drop well over a grand on an e-bike. If anyone has experience with a similar set up or an opinion about it, please let me know if this seems like a good e-bike set up to you.

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    With that setup, I don't think you can go wrong.
    Pedaling a bit can cheaply extend your range.
  3. Thank you wheelbender, I appreciate your input. Since my gas engined bike was stolen from my basement, I intend to keep the e-bike in my living room. I couldn't keep the gas engined bike in the living room as the smell of gas and danger of fire just wasn't a good idea.
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    That sounds like a good combination. I'm getting good results with an ebikekit and 48v 15 ah ping. It's a bit less expensive and easier to find a box to carry it in than a 48v 20 ah. I have plenty of range, at least 20 miles including some big uphill.
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    yep.. e-bikekit.com is a good place to shop for a kit.. highly recommended.. i would suggest getting 2 x 48v 10ah packs vs one big honking 48v 20ah brick.. makes it easier to mount to the bike using side saddles or such..