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Aug 20, 2009
I have ordered four kits from One front wheel direct drive hub motor kit(bike was recently sold), two rear wheel direct drive hub motor kits, and one rear wheel geared hub motor kit. I have been very very satisfied with the three direct drive kits, but I returned the geared motor kit when it failed under a heavy load as I started up a fairly steep hill from a dead stop. I had stopped at a red light due to some heavy traffic. As I started up the hill when the light changed to green, yes, I was pedaling also, the motor made a grunting noise and stopped. I continued on towards home under pedal power, trying the motor from time to time. The motor kicked back in for a few moments, then grunted again and died. I returned it to, paying a small restocking fee, and ordered the third direct drive kit.

In the newest direct drive hub motor kit the motor weighs 14 lbs instead of the 17 lbs the older motors weighed, a big improvement. Another big improvement is the motor wire has a plug into the harness a few inches from the motor, thus making a flat tire repair a great deal easier and simpler than in the past.

The kit is a snap to install as the hub motor comes assembled into a good wheel as part of the kit. They have recently advertised for a wheel builder, so I hope a few little problems I've had with the wheels will be eliminated. The second kit had one spoke overtightened to the point of dimpling the rim outward where the spoke went through. The newest kit I got had all the spokes loosen within 50 miles, to the point where I could move the rim back and forth 3/8s of an inch. Due to the angle of the spokes, expect the spokes to loosen and the wheel to require a tuneup within 250 miles. This is normal and e-bike kits tells you in advance to expect it. I find 250 miles to be acceptable, 50 miles is not.

Service has been exceptional. The company has recently moved from New Jersey to bigger digs across the Delaware River to Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. Perhaps the growth was too fast and I will blame that for the few problems I've had. When I returned the geared hub motor kit, they tested it and said it worked fine. When I asked if they tested it under load, I was told no, they don't test under load. I feel that is a mistake. In my opinion, an electric device that is not tested under load is not really tested at all.

I am very pleased with the direct drive hub motor kits I have used from e-bike kits and give them a 100% rating. I'm sorry to say I cannot give a good rating to the one geared motor I had to return. An e-bike has to be the ideal commuter bike. There is no more maintenence with an e-bike than with a pedal bike. Just charge the battery and ride.