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    VERY VERY Expensive e-bikes them optibikes...Nice though...

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    Shifting views

    But as they tout the virtues of electric bikes, advocates also realize that there will have to be a shift in the way Americans view them before they become as popular as they are in Europe or China.

    "There are two possible sides to the equation," Roseman said. "One would be a change in the way people view transportation. There are still a lot of SUVs out there. ... People still have a hard time thinking about riding a bicycle unless they are 10 years old, it seems. So there needs to be a little shift in mentality."

    ...that was from the link.

    I was discussing this elsewhere, the general public sees someone on a bike and unless they are dressed in a bicycling racing outfit people assume you are a kid. (or an adult with a DUI) It's hard to create a new image for ebikes overnight. They also write:

    What's an 'e-bike'?

    By law, electric bikes must have no more than 1 horsepower and go no faster than 20 mph (on motor power alone).

    ...it seems that CNN is quoting the Federal Ebike Law here.
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