E-biking my new Mongoose real cheap?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by professor, Sep 25, 2009.

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    I stripped down a scooter (250 watt / 24volt. I want to attach the motor as shown in this mock-up pic.-


    using what is left (sawzalls are wonderful) of the rear wheel as a jackshaft, cutting the brake hub and welding a sproket to it to drive one of the crank rings. The wheel has a one way sprocket built in!
    I want to use 2 12 volt motors, Each having it's own switch - pushing one would give 1/2 power- pushing both (joining the batterys in series) would gve the full 24 volts= full power.
    Driving the crank would let me select any of the final gear ratios. I am looking to add power to my pedal rpm.
    I also want to avoid all those controllers and electronic stuff that I do not have any knowledge of. (and don't want to learn):whistling: