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    Ya I'm in my 50's I still got long hair and a beard I live and grew up here in Orange county CA We have the best weather in the US I think. I love working on bikes and the history of them especialy Indian & Harley. I have been looking for years to buy an old old 1910-1915 Harley or Indian to restore I met an old biker from the day that board raced and I thought I was crazy when I was young. You guys here are just getting a taste of it lots of fun anit it. So I built my first 65cc bike alittle different style. Hi everyone on MB E J

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    my Indian limo

    here is a pic the begining of my first bike I hope I uploaded it correctly

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    welcome :)
    nice looking stretch :cool2:
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    Yes, that is a good looking bike.

    Most of us couldn't afford a hundred year old Harley or Indian, of course. (even if we could find one) But we can have something that has the "feel" of one of those old greats.

    So join us and start riding. You won't be sorry.
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    yeah I am old geezer too...Love those old Indians ...dont like any bikes without spokes.
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    I agree this how it started 100 years ago there was over 60 MFG's of custom bikes. I have my 66cc motor in and running on this one and my next bike also. I'm waiting on my:tt1: custom tanks :tt1: gotta wait for the pic's maybe friday your going to go ape when ya see it. just running little bottle on them to test ride works fine.