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    not finish yet I have to put the front and rear disk brakes on chain ajts and run the wires in the frame then power coat it. I broke 2 fender mounts at the bolt hole and 1 90 deg l bracket on the rear fender thats why it's not in the pic. I got new ribits and for the fenders nylon washers the reason they broke is because stainless is brittle the pinch point of the nut caused it to brake well IMO test it and find out custom tank is stainless steel like that? those are real Indian tank decals I had from my old bike. I ran LED head light and tail lts. turn signals brake lt and horn need to mod the mirrror to ridged from flex can't see anything lol but they were only 5 bucks I hope you like it E J

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  2. azbill

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    nice looking stretch !!! :cool2:
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    Thats a cool bike!Just need to clean them tires :)
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    Ya being white they would look better with all the chain grease off of them :idea:lol I got 80 hrs into this one and 40 into my red one. so much time hunting down parts, machining, redesigning but I well have both of them done for the OC july run see ya there