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    I have been working on a electric powered trike for few months now (actually on the 4th re-incarnation of frames LoL) anywayz, i have a worklog on several forums thought i would add it here also maybe it will help others somehow in their projects :)

    I started building up a custom upright delta trike frame some months ago after alot of research, I have the worklog on Endless Sphere forum thought i would pop it up here also might be of interest to some. (FYI..the below trike build is actually the 3rd frame the first two have been scrapped due to weight issues...)

    Lil brief...I am building the trike for local use, i live in an EXTREMELY hilly area of Perth Western Australia and am classified as an incomplete paraplegic hence the need for 3 wheels...the trike will require to be able to travel ~15km on a charge YES charge it will be powered by a 1000watt 48v 20ah setup ..why? its HEAP more powerful than the 49cc 2 strokes has oodles more torque is capable of producing higher top speeds doesn't stink is cheaper to run its silent, i will also be legally able to ride on cycleways in OZ and seeing i have no need to cover over 15km it suits my needs to a tee...

    I shall simply transfer this frame build directly from ES forum in its entirety to save re-writing what I have already done...

    Worklog for 3rd trike frame begins....

    My brother dropped by yesterday witha a couple of 'donor' bikes for me i am thinking of knocking up a quick frame out of possibly for a small 49cc 4 stroke ICE engine (my brother has the 2 stroke variety, goes well but is noisy and smelly) Obviously this idea (puting in an ICE was dismissed this build WILL be electric)


    me+5inch angle grinder+mig+ 2 hours=

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_series_pic_3.jpg
    (obviously the pink "additions" will be made in steel and added for strength etc...

    I like the look another 2 hours tomorrow ill have usable frame i can bolt a trike conversion rear end too pack with batteries and/or lCE motor hehe FYI the frame in pic is lighter than MarkII chopper style frame im currently working on ;-| The frame is ~20cm longer stretch than stock, hmmz 10-15 degrees increase rake (plan to add rake to forks to bring it to ~30-40 degree rake) and have reduced the height by ~10cm on stock mountain bike frame i would guess soz lil late and JB Black & pizza time so no "exact" measurements shall get those by days end tomorrow....what will i do with it ::shrugs:: not sure... just knew it would be a breeze to cut and re-weld a couple frames tubes line up easy and the rear end is made...just a lil break from the full custom frame... will finish welding it up tomorrow before continuing on the markII 'chopper style frame ;-)

    Well i been forced out of my workshop for a few hours as the exterminator is spraying so i thought i would take a quick pic to post.

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_series_pic_4.jpg

    I fully welded the frame this morning, still need to make some custom shock mounts i wont be using the originals along with some bracing brackets for the bottom and front tube connection.

    The bike measures 1870mm from front of tire to back of tire (thats ~6 foot 2-3? in the outdated money)
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    I decided in place of a bracket to reinforce the front down tube i would add an additional 'upright tube' (look closely also includes mounting points for drink...erm stubby holder ;-P well i need a place for my "roadie" I am an Aussie after all and we needz our beer like you Americans need war and the imperial system :p) this not only reinforces the front joint but the rear 'pivot' that i joined to the lower 'parallel' tube

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_series_pic_6.jpg

    Im happy with the look and i'm more comfortable my test rider (Flavio) will come out of the incredibly steep downhill high speed test run alive and in one piece hehehe (the objective is to obliterate 'safes' top speed even if i dont fit the motor and doing so without being hunched over like a dog takin a **** :p) ... As can be seen i also gave the trike conversion some "love" so as it fits neatly. I also spent a few hours cleaning up the welds today, Matt (1000 watt) (THE same '1000watt' from this forum, as some may have already seen he is an INCREDIABLY skilled fella and a TOP bloke to boot who has helped me immensely, was alsofirst to suggest meeting up for a chat when i joined ES forum ( we have caught up on countless occasions now excellent having someone with similar interests to chat to IRL [in real life] hehehe) has found a place that will powder coat the frames including powder coat undercoat for $au55 so welds must be neat ;-)

    I want to finish the drive train off tomorrow, this will include fabricating motor mount and fitting the drive gear for the motor to front crank/sprocket...

    More tomorrow ladies ;-)

    p.s My local bike shop has agreed to lace up my trike hubs into 20in rims for 35 a pop so shall drop them off tomorrow ;-)

    I do now as you know and am VERY much looking forward to the fabrication process Doc...Those that haven't seen Docs latest mosey over here and checkout another use for snow skis.. ::wink::

    LiL Update on my build....

    A seemingly "easy" straight forward piece to make...a motor mount...well, has taken up all day to do..shall let the pics show what was done as i have a few mates
    here knocking back some JBs and don't wan't to be completely unsociable (note* i have not got the correct bolts to mount motor in newly fabricated motor mount, hence the ventilation holes may not seem "lined" up i can assure you they will be when correct size bolts are used ;-) Obviously there is still some welding to do buuuut mates arrived and was 'bourbon o'clock' so....

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_series_pic_8.jpg

    Small step closer more soon...


    For the last week there has been a BIG clean-up at my place due to our first council curbside rubbish collection in over 12 months happening this week...This
    has slowed progress on my trike BUT also bought to me a few new "options" in terms of front shock choices thanks to locals 'trash' being my 'treasure' (ie. me and my mate have taken a handful of drives in the Ute around the area scabbing up bikes and parts off the side of the road)... Along with a couple more shocks a friend has found in his garage left over from his fathers bike shop owning days that i would LOVE to use but alas they have no disk brake mounts on them...heres some pics-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester...ark II_rear_suspension_mount_series_pic_1.jpg

    I finished the rear shock mounting today and tacked it in place before mocking up the trike to assure ride height was correct prior to me welding the mount in place.
    I'm happy with the height, now i will work on mounting the seat, i shall be utilizing a set of non-suspension forks legs mounted upside down & parallel for the seat to sit on...curious? shall see this next update... I will also be able to workout the 'platforms' that will hang from the frame for my feet to sitz on once i have the seat on her. DEFINITELY heading to local bike shop tomorrow with the 20in rims and trike hubs to have them laced up also ;-)

    I can still lift the frame with forks and wheel mounted!!! SO much lighter than originals...

    Toodles from me for now ;-)

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    I got a good start on the seat pan 'frame' today...as mentioned in yesterdays post i have used the legs off a set of forks...actually, i have used two sets, the support brackets are the bends from a second set of forks ;-) Still much work needed though, hope to finish them tomorrow, i have splashed some anti rust primer on anywayz, its getting very cold here at night and im finding the frame is damp in the morning, not so good on bar metal and welds...

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_seat_frame_fabrication..jpg

    FYI: for those wondering why i dont simply use a 'standard' bicycle seat, i have broken my pelvis in 16 places and it didnt go back together the way it was 'made' hahaa so i am unable to sit comfortably on a 'standard' seat it has to be alot wider and flat...

    I re-positioned the seat this morning by re-drilling the seat pan holes moved it 60mm towards the rear... to move it anymore i will need to re-position the mounting tabs, I tried it out myself as is and i'm happy with it, i think i'll leave it and continue on with the tubular platforms for my footz to sit on ...

    quick pic of the re-positioned seat-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_series_pic_11.jpg

    Even looks better i think, was actually how i pictured doing it in the first place, ended up all up forward though :-S..

    Back soon chaps..

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    Probably one of the most uninteresting updates you will see but as it is part of the build i thought i should add it to the worklog...it is the assembly/mount for the foot pegs/pedals ... As i have mentioned previously even the smallest things seem to take so long... checkout what 4 hours work got me-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_foot_peg_assembly_PIC.jpg

    Apologies for the last blurred pic had to try and hold camera and the assembly without falling out of my chair and spilling my JB :p (no Doc didnt even occur to me to put my can down im an Aussie :: wink :: ) Granted i could have used new steel plate and not spent half that 4 hours grinding /sanding off rust to "pretty it up" BUT then it would have cost me money and at the risk of sounding 'safe' like i need to save when i can NOT because i want to because i have to :: sigh :: (chances are i can aviod grief from TD if i save enough and go straight to "ping" battery instead of SLA too ;-P) , the steel used for the assembly was obtained off the side of the road during council rubbish collection...

    I made the assembly in two 'parts' seemed like the "professional" approach, obviously would have been easier and quicker to make one piece, i shall weld the mounting "plate" of the assembly on tomorrow, i plan to have a tube running between the two and the pedals mounted to this "solid" ie. the pedals wont spin but be 'fixed' platforms hopefully my feet will stay put IF not i will get some straps or well... use the mounting plates to attach a "take II" design that will see my feet staying put LoL... back tomorrow fellas..

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    I welded the mounting plate for the foot rest today and splashed some anti rust primer on it, will give it a grind when i disassemble the bike before painting for now it will be fine as is for a test. I unfortunately don't have a larger drill bit than 13mm, thus in the pic you see a solid steel rod of 12mm sitting in the mounts, i actually have a solid rod 16mm in diameter that i will use, shall die grind the hole tomorrow ALSO my 'test rider' Flavio has secured some 3mm thick aluminum checker plate for me that shall be used for footplates... here's a couple pics... OH and found this foam on side of road will shape it before covering with vinyl should do the trick is nice and comfy now

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_footmount_assembly.jpg

    I moved to the rear of the trike and the mounting of the disk rotors...well that was the plan in reality only one rotor was mounted after 6 hours of cutting, sanding, swearing, sanding, swearing, removing a large piece of cutoff disk from my eye worst 'eye injury' i have had in all the years i been working with tools, took a good 30 minutes of flushing with the garden hose to get it out (and YES i was wearing safety glasses at the time!! NEVER start a power tool without putting them on...take not kids you only get one set of eyez) this of course was followed by more swearing LoL...

    My rear trike hubs are a non-disk brake affair and thus i needed to make adapters for both hubs (for those that aren't aware, one of the wheels is non driving wheel and simply freewheels so a single rotor on the rear axle to stop both wheels isn't an option unfortunately) I knew without a lathe this was going to be big ask to get true, i decided instead of starting from scratch making adapters to butchers a dual front disk hub i have that i wont be using (will be using a single with a 200mm OD rotor instead as my forks are single caliper mount only) My initial idea was to simply cut it down drill 3 mounting holes and bolt it straight to the trike rear hubs, this would have worked beautifully, would have been nice and square and true BUT i hit a snag when attempting to drill aforementioned mounting holes, the front hub was a pressed unit made of three pieces, one of these pieces was hardened stel and thus i was unable to drill it, at this stage i knew i would be in for a looooong afternoon. I cut the mounting section of the hub down further to eliminate the hardened steel section and was left with a solid piece to mount to the hubs, this of course need to exactly the same width overall so the disk would spin without a wobble...after ALOT of lapping measuring with verniers lapping measuring mounting lapping etc etc etc add 4 hours i came up with the following-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester...ame_mark II_scustom_left_rear_rotor_mount.jpg

    I have only mounted the rotor with 2 screws at present and it is pretty close to spot on, the adapter is held to the hub via 3mm countersunk high tensile steel allen key bolts, i would have preferred 4mm but there was simply no room for this 3mm was a tight ask, i believe these will be plenty strong enough :: fingers crossed :: lol... its the best i will get it without the use of specialty machinery namely a lathe which alas i no longer have or have access to :-( Here's a quick vid of the rotor mounted and spinning-->

    YouTube - Custom Rear Rotor Mount for E-Trike

    I shall mount the adapter for the other side tomorrow, i wont be mounting it to the hub as i did this rotor but to the plate on the axle with the 3 studs on it that sits flush against the hub...more on ~ this time tomorrow...

    ciao for now

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    As stated yesterday i would be doing the right side adapter for the disk rotor...here's a few happy snaps and a quick YouTube flick of the final assembly in 'action'

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester...me_mark II_scustom_right_rear_rotor_mount.jpg

    Youtube video

    The lads have just arrived for Thursday drinks so shall cut this update short suffice to say will be moving to the head tube of the frame tomorrow as Matt (1000watt from this forum) dropped me up a suitable diameter head tube (actually bought the head tube attached to frame and forks of BMX bike hehehe along with some seriously thick ali plate thanks again Matt ;-) HANDS OFF Doc LoL) shall make some cup holder size attachments for the head tube so i can pop in my 'heavy' duty disk brake enabled forks...also will finish the adapter mounts for the brake calipers.

    I made the first part of the two part caliper assemblies today.
    I have used 6mm aluminum plate for the assemblies-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_custom_caliper_assemblys.jpg

    The second half to these assemblies will be made from steel and welded to the trikes axle housing, the aluminum section will the be bolted to the axle housing mounts.

    Be back tomorrow with another update ;-)

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    I finished the second part to the caliper assembly this afternoon...

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester...mark II_custom_caliper_assemblys_complete.jpg

    Made from 3.5mm steel, will be welded in place as shown in above pic 3 & 4
    I will need to disassemble the trike rear end and remove the sealed bearings before fully welding the mounting plate in place or the heat
    may damage the sealed bearings actually more of a will than a may i think. I will tack it in the correct position prior to dis assembly, i'm waiting
    on a mate of mine who's a motor body builder to come around to give me a hand literally, i need it held in place as i tack it. Shall be back with
    another update tomorrow, i will do the head tube mods mentioned a few posts back and the custom footplates now i have received the ali
    checker plate from my mate on Friday..

    I knocked up these footplates to keepz ma feetz in place...

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_footplates_PIC.jpg
    I need to weld everything up tomorrow and get some more bolts to assemble it completely least all the cutting and drilling is done ;-)

    Thanks for the comments fellas...Im off to bed now im beat back tomorrow...

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    Small Update

    I have decided a springer front end is still the go and since i am unable to buy a fully adjustable springer fork now (due to ChoppersUS not being able to get them anymore) i'm making one ;-)

    Nothing major done other than buying the springs and rose end joints for the forks<--(not in original plans is an 'upgrade') also cut the flat plate metal required, i have handed this over to my
    mate to take to work tomorrow to cut the hole sizes required unfortunately my lil drill press doesn't have the mojo required...quick pic of whats being made-->


    Shall have the plates back tomorrow evening so doubtful of an update tomorrow, day after should have a completed springer front end on my trike :)

    Back then fellas ;-)

    I got a few bitz and piece done on the fabrication of the springer forks this arvo before my dependable bud Flavio dropped off the
    steel plate he drilled for me. I am following the plans loosely, I have a few little 'upgrades' i feel will make the forks a lil bit better planned... ONE of those was the addition of rose joint ends on the ends of the spring rods. I got slugged 19 dollars AU EACH for the rose joints :-| NOT HAPPY JAN!!! Most expensive part of the forks, the springs cost ~30 bucks the rest of the materials i have laying about...


    I simply welded a couple of nits to a 8mm bolt before grinding the bolt head and nuts round with the angle grinder and then but welded them into the springer rods.

    I also knocked up some spring retainers from pipe and flat plate, the plans call for engine block freeze plugs, i didn't happen to have any laying about and saw no reason why they couldn't be made...I have used fork head tube and another piece of pipe along with some 3mm flat plate to make the spring retainers, welded them up, sanded them down on the linisher and gave them a quick spit of etch primer ;-)

    I know it doesn't seem like much, but the bulk of the work is now done, the forks will all come together quickly tomorrow, shall have more pics of them fitted to the trike come days end tomorrow :)

    Ciao for now fellas
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    Well...i didnt quite get finished on my springer forks, i have made more headway and will definitely have them together tomorrow. Again i have veered off the plans and added a threaded end to the fork tubes, the plans call for some plastic chrome looking caps that pop into the end of the tubes, i didn't like the idea. I have welded a nut to a piece of steel i cut to the OD of the fork tube and welded to the top of the tube. An aluminum washer sits ontop bolted via 8mm bolt


    The fork tube thing-o-ma-jig has been welded in place and the welds given a lil clean up with the flap disk and the bearing holder thing-a-ma-jig sits nice and flat over the weld. (the reverse side has also been welded.) I have tacked the tubes in place to workout my lengths, as seen in the pics will be the final height the front end now sits slightly higher than when MTB forks were installed...

    Back tomorrow with finished forks... :: fingers crossed ::

    EDIT: I was just having a read of the (de)structions for John Brains Springer Forks as haha agh dear me, as i haven't actually READ the text up until now ...I'm male what can i say...(de)structions are for wiminez :p Anywayz John DOES does mention the following

    "--If you want to use motorcycle style risers on these forks you will have to put a threaded bung into the 1" fork tubes and weld flat washers to the top of the upper fork plate to cover the fork holes, so you can bolt them together. This way you will have a firm enough mounting to use motorcycle style risers."

    So my "improvement" wasn't actually MY idea as i first stated, it is an option that WAS listed in the plans...while i am editing i might as well let you all in on the fact i WILL be using motorcycle style risers also :) ...


    Not much of an update , i tried soooo hard to get these forks finished today was up at 7am and that IS a rarity...I had MAJOR issues welding the fork tubes and dealing with keeping everything aligned when welding...one of those days when everything i touched turned to ****..anywayz... I do hold two character responsible for the early finish to the days work they are seen in the last pics below along with a couple snaps of the days work-->


    I have been 'playing' with metal more than half my life and today i just couldnt make it happen how i wanted it to, went close to throwing everything out the garage door it REALLY got to me... LoL...finally got it happening though soz i didn't take alot of pics, what got done... i full welded the fork tubes and attached dropouts for the rockers at the bottom of aforementioned fork tubes... Everything is aligned and square...grrrrr..Looking at ~ 4 inch of trail...i would gladly pay 400 bucks to get a set of these forks delivered IF they were available...I WONT be making another set...

    (minus disk brake mounts) .. i was soooo bloody close then the boyz arrived with my downfall... Jim Beam...work ceased...soz fellas...i did give it a hard crack...off to bed...

    Back tomorrow...


    P>S THEY ARENT the bolts that will be used in final construction of the forks they are simply there for mock up...10mm bolts WILL BE USED
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    Well... they aren't exactly finished, they still require a few tid bitz to be done and of course painted. My mate forgot to leave the 16mm drill bit with me so i could drill the holes on the end caps out so thats 'tomorrow job'...also need to drill one of the rockers holes for the axle and replace all the bolts with 10 and 8mm types... anywayz heres a few quick not so flash pics shall take some better ones in the daylight tomorrow-->


    It is a long weekend here in West Australia so will have the lads available for a lift to the Hardware either tomorrow or Monday to pick up the bolts i need (will be using allen key variety)... OH... disk brake mounts need to be added to the rockers also, shall be ordering another front twin disk hub and calipers from choppersUS next week i have decided, shall wait for these to arrive before fabricating some caliper mounts to weld to the rockers, i could have a bash now but i would only be guessing and more than likely have to do it again... I also will be making up some risers at a later date to hold the handle bars...

    More tomorrow..


    Small Update

    I picked up the necessary bolts required to finish off the springer forks today. I decided to keep with the plan and use the 1/2in size bolt for the main pivot instead of the 10mm i was thinking of using..I also picked up some 8mm cap screws for the top of the forks (and the rest of the trike for that matter)


    I still want to lengthen the springer tube and cut the springs though, my bro is coming up tomorrow to check out the progress so i didn't want to have it in bitz when he arrived.

    Ordered the remaining parts required from ChoppersUS yesterday, this includes :-


    This aside from the battery is everything i need to complete the build and get it up and running... I plan to buy the 48v 20ah Lifepo4 battery in ~2 weeks time.

    Ciao for now ladies ;-P
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    I fabricated a completely new springer tube today, cut and welded the two sets of springs before grinding the ends flat, the forks are now how i wanted them I have
    put together a few 'before' and 'after' pics to show the difference-->


    The suspension is ALOT stiffer now and the rebound springs are doing their job, the rockers i also reduced the angle of they are nearly parallel to the ground now this also makes the front ride ever so slightly higher than before. With these now finished to my satisfaction....(well, aside from the dual disk caliper mounts which will have to wait until the calipers are delivered before being made..) I shall move back toward the rear of the frame tomorrow and finish off the seat mount and weld in the motor mount fully...more soon fellas


    OK.. not much to report in the way of work done, i have completed the seat frame structure thing-a-ma-jig (will add pics later) Aside from that im waiting for some 4mm plate ali to be dropped off by a mate to make a slightly wider seat pan to accommodate my ample bent broken butt/pelvis as the one now is still slightly to skinny and sitting on it more than 10 minutes getz uncomfortable aaaanywayz... my bro went out this weekend scouring the kerbside collections around the burbs and picked up among other things a 350watt Unite motor powered scooter. Has everything BUT the battery, i intend using the complete wiring loom will save me ALOT of time making one from scratch it includes the indicators, brake light, horn. charging jack, lights etc etc i will keep the lot in tact and use all the lighting from the scooter :) We were sitting there having a beer..and i got the idea whilst sittin back looking at the scoot to lengthen the body work..cut and shut it width wise to 'skinny it up' slightly, cut a position for the seat and plonk it ontop of the trike, i mocked up a photochop to explain-->


    Now this is not a set in stone thing and probably wont happen this side of the trikes first test runs, the front fairing (collected also from kerbside is from a pocket bike) this is a definite starter and i will have some fun grafting the 2x24volt lights from the scooter into the fairing (something resembling a mid 90s Suzuki GSXR front fairing im thinking :) Although i don't intend doing alot of night riding if i do they will be there PLUS the fairing will allow easy mounting of the LCD panel/speedo etc etc...At th end of the day if it is to be passed of as a "mobility scooter" albeit a very fast one LoL i think the body work will go along way to helping this cause the plastic is VERY VERY light so will add little weight to the build and give me more area to get creative with the 'ol airbrush art hehehe :) I have also thought about using the body work as a mold or plug to make up a fiberglass number will weigh the options up and decide which direction to take at a later date...

    My front disk parts are on route from USA delivery time early to mid next week i am expecting, be back with an update then if not before...

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    I received the remaining parts required to get the bike completed (minus the Lifepo4) today-->


    ~5 business days from when order was dispatched :-| ****, i have waited longer to get items from the other side of Australia in the past Australia Post could take a leaf out of UPS's book thats for sure...

    Anywayz...lil late in the day for me to get enthused about getting covered in iron filings etc so shall get stuck into fabrication of front caliper mounts first light tomorrow, hopefully have ALL calipers mounted AND hooked up with the spiffy new braided brake housing by end of the day...shall have the hub laced up proooobably next week if i'm not able to organize a trip to the local bike shop tomorrow...

    Back soon ladies :p

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    Lack of parts...my brothers ICE bike build and the Aussie dollar
    crashing have all contributed to the trikes build stalling...TODAY however i got a couple of hours too myself and managed to get the front
    caliper adapters fabricated, the springer fork rocker modified to bolt aforementioned bracket to and the calipers mounted and hooked up with the
    'blingy' stainless braided cable Deec :: wink :: I also ordered some spokes so as i could lace up the dual disk hub (i did that last night)...only thing
    that really went wrong was the inner tube copped some spatter (thus a hole) from the MIG as a result I have a flat tire LoL...no biggy,
    i had planned on buying new front slick 3inch tire and tube regardless... as always I have 'documented' the work for those following the build--->


    I chose to follow the full size chopper trend and mount the caliper directly
    above the front axle. Some may see i changed the original '
    'template d' design slightly, the bottom was narrowed to allow room for the joint end on the springer forks tube.

    LiL Update

    I knocked up a set of handlebars yesterday.
    The stem i have been using is from a BMX bike,
    the mountain bike handle bars had a too wide
    OD to fit into the stem properly so i tinkered
    with the idea of reaming them out with the die
    grinder THEN i had a the idea to lop off the
    lower section of the BMX bars that came with
    the stem and attach it to a set of straight MTB
    bars, came out alot like this--->


    Also makes for a more comfortable less stooped
    over riding position, i think thy turned out nice
    anywayz, will paint them the colour of the
    frame when time comes... OH also shortened
    the brake cables to (neaten them up a lil i think)

    I checked the state of the Lifepo4 pricing on
    Ebay last night situation has worsened for us
    Aussies :-( ping packs up around $AU1200 :-|
    RIDICULOUS IMHO... I cant even get some 'fake'
    pings for 700 now the cheapest is up around
    800 PLUS delivery :: sigh :: I might have to
    bite the bullet for the time being and grab 4 SLAs
    till the dollar strengthens and the Lifeopo4s drop
    in price, i just cant justify the 1200 dollar price tag
    at this point in time, it would leave me penniless if
    i splurged out on Lifepo4s now.... I have government
    payment of 1400 dollars due mid December, if i go
    the slas now ill get the Lifepo4s end of December,
    hopefully by then the price has dropped not gone
    up more :: sigh ::

    For now, i need to make a tractor size seat for the
    trike...shall have more on that soon.

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    Well... i thought some that have followed this build and contributed to it over recent months might like to see a lil video of my trikes firts run... BIG thanks to Matt (1000watt) for the SLA batteries, shall do me over until Lifepo4s find there way to me ;-)

    The video is shot from leaving my garage and a lil run around my block, the first half is all up hill, the only flat road in this video contains the two round abouts and down hill section...Sorry no watts up connected as yet (i have one and will be hooking it up tomorrow...also no speedometer :-( ) Matt did advise me these batteries from new weren't the best but i think they did admirably for my initial run on the trike...I also shall upload some detailed pics of the brake hook up and electrics lil later...

    Big thanks to those on the forum that have given me input on this build, it is much appreciated:)

    E-trike first run

    Charged the batteries up last night so I was able to take some pics of the assembled trike this morning...

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/Trike_frame_mark II_series_pic_13.jpg

    I think i'll be riding it around for a couple of weeks before i stripz it for powdercoat and chrome though heheee...

    Back Laters

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  15. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    I knocked up a chain tensioner to keep the chain in place...once bitten twice shy ;-) I scoured my pile of donor bikes and chose the lever brakes from a BMX bike, they also match the color of the stem and pegs :) Using the ali brakes and a gutted cog from a derailleur i came up with this-->

    Applies nice tension to the chain hopefully will keep it on during the gear changes ;-)

    ALSO1 I snapped some pics yestrday of my new helmet and speedometer-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/new_helmet & speedometer.jpg

    Nothing too flash but will keep the law off my back, it is compulsory to wear helmets when riding bicycles here in Australia...The speedo is a 69 dollar wireless job shall get some close ups of it on the bike laterz...still need to fit the watts up meter, i am waiting on some wire to be delivered from my electrician friend, i want to make a lil 'dash board' up on the handle bars to mount the watts uop and the speedo...back soon folks off for a ride ;-)

    Quick lap around the block unfortunately ran out of road before having to slow for round aboutz but managed to top out at 59.5km/hr (36.9m/hr for you backward Americans ;-P ) (thats ~20km/hr over the speed limit on that stretch of road too its a 40km/hr zone LoL)


    I need to find me a loooong flat hill less road where i can use 3rd gear only using 1st (to get up hill) and 2nd before having to slow...trikes still accelerating at this point too LoL..I would think 70 would be easily doable whether i would want to be on it at that speed is another question...might leave that for the test riders LoL...60 is WAAAAY fast enough for me 40 is just fine to be honest... I am also in desperate need for the Maxxis tire i ordered yesterday for the front end too, this knobbly thing is making some BAD vibrations at speed...

    Back soon..
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  16. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    I ordered a Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.5 tire for the front wheel of the trike few days ago, got the call this arvo that it was in so had the good ol chook picks it up for me and drops it off, 10 minutes later i was of on a lap of he block for a test...it is 100% improvement on the knobbly front, make next to no noise VERY impressed, think it looks the shizz to :: wink :: ...now just need the 4.25wide 20in rims from ChoppersUS to finish the tire department off ;-)

    Couple of obligatory pics of the new tire fitted -->


    My cheap **** Yi-Yun Brand Controller which has already given up the ghost...I'm thinking using an 8amp charge via the controllers 3amp rated charging plug might not have been the best idea...

    I Have inquired about freight costs on the following unit (TNC Scooters are disappointingly slow responding still waiting after 36 hours for response)-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/60VControllerMode HK60.jpg

    If i dont hear anything by morning i'll buy via their EBay shop and buy the other items i included on the order from my local scooter shop...(which only sell upto 36volt controllers before anyone asks why i dont get the controller there LoL)

    I have also started work on another frame...shall wait till i am further along in the construction before i post pics on that...suffice to say it is lower 'cruiser' look MUCH more "chopper like" if you will...I plan to transfer the forks and trike rear directly onto the new frame HOPEFULLY should be a hassle free change over and completed in a few hours :)

    Back Soon
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  17. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member


    Matt (1000watt on the forum) bought up his lil 60cc ICE cruiser he made to my place few days back-->


    The craftsman ship that went into this ride is outstanding...thing is schweet ... Matt has also decided to drop his 1000watt
    brushless motor into it with a 48v 20ah Lifepo4 :: wink :: will be even better then ;-)

    I really liked the low seated position soooo..With that in mind i hit the garage to make something similar

    Here's a few pics as i put the frame together --->


    .those with keen eye will notice the incorrect rotation of the rear dropouts ::wink::
    didn't matter in the end the dropouts were notched for the trike conversion to fit into before being welded in place


    Lower slightly longer definitely easier for me to get onto :: wink :: i think the lower CG of the bike
    will help cornering speeds too.;-)

    I will fit the motor and sprockets this arvo and then it will be ready to go (well...ready when i get a new speed controller)

    Made up some engine mounts for the frame and bolted the motor in today-->


    More Soon :)
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  18. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    I want a set of bars the same as Matt has used on his cruiser (seee above pics)
    Matt is checking his local bike store too see if they have another set...They are called
    Electra Bars apparently... I did a quick photochop using the bars from the cruiser in above
    pics and popped them on the trike to get a 'idea' of how they will look-->

    http://members.ii.net/~aussiejester/index/pictures/photochop_Electra brand bars.jpg

    Matt said the bars cost around 30-35 bucks...shall wait to hear back on availability
    I like the look of them anywayz

    The rear suspension wasn't 'sitting' right with me, it appeared
    to 'saggy' for lack of better word, i decided lengthening and raising the
    rear shock mount would be a simple fix PLUS giving me a little more
    ground clearance for the motor side drive sprocket (now has 150mm or 6in. clearance)

    I feel better about the 'look' of it now --->


    I have also welded a tab on to mouint the chain tensioner...works a treat so
    pleased with it ..

    NOW..i can get to the fabricating some mounting structure for the seat pan...more soon

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  19. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member


    Today i finally tackled the seat mounting affair....
    I am using a 'Fat Boy' seat from a mini chopper
    (well seat pan @ the moment) that I purchased
    for 20 bucks (as a whole covered seat) couple
    weeks ago from Movement Systems here in Perth...I
    ripped the cover off and used the rubber in it for the
    seat on the first trike :-( I shall have a go at
    upholstering the pan tomorrow, if this doesn't
    measure up to standard i will simply go grab
    another seat from Movement Systems seeing they
    are only 20 dollars...

    I had to make a sturdy base for the pan to sit on...i have
    used steel plate for this task (for memory its around 4mm thick)
    more than adequate for the job at hand anywayz...I reinforced
    the seat tube with a 'X' brace arrangement prior to welding
    it onto the base plate....the nylon seat pan then simply bolts
    onto this plate....I have slipped a "standardized" size tube
    inside the frames upright tube and butt welded it in place...
    the seat tube then drops in and is held in place with seat
    clamp as per a 'normal' bicycle...heres a few snaps of the


    I have tested it out (threw a beach towel on the seat pan)
    and just as it is it is more comfortable than my previous
    efforts, the width is the key here, my broke pelvis requires
    support and the seat does the trick ;-) Be even more comfy
    when properly padded...The seating position on the bike is
    superb VERY relaxed even with the bars, i can only imagine
    how 'arm chair' like it will be with the new bars i have
    planned ;-)

    The fabrication side of the build is now nearly complete (just
    realized i need footpegs, shall simply 're-cycle the ones off old
    ) soooo... aside from hooking up the brakes and
    electrics the trike is ready for testing...Hopefully the new
    speed controller i have bought arrives sooner than later ...im
    hoping around mid next week :: fingers crossed :: Once i
    have given it a thorough testing I will handball the frame
    off to Matt (1000watt) and he will take ot to be powder


    An old mate dropped round and kept me company whilst i upholstered
    my seat pan today... He was kind enough to take some pics of me on the trike...gives
    you reprobates a better indication of the size of the trike-->


    Yes Yes I know I'm a sexy S.O.B... and ladies YES!!111oneoneone your in luck I'm available :shock: As for the seat... well... it ain't super quality job but it shall suffice for the time being..

    More soon fellas..

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  20. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member


    Not a huge update today, i fitted the footpegs from the ol' trike and also picked up the 20x1.95in Hookworms
    and fitted them to the rear wheels of the trike--->


    The 4 SLAs were also re-configured and strapped up with kevlar packing tape to hold them together UNFORTUNATELY
    they miss by sitting flat on the bottom tube by a couple of millimeters no biggy really, the Lifepo4s will fit nicely there OR more likely on the frames upright seat tube, with room to spare...

    Still know new news on my TNC Scooter consignment which among other things cotains my new 48-60v electronic speed controller...
    cross ya fingers fellas i would love it to turn up in a few days ;-)

    This post brings
    upto date with the several other forums this work log is on, I shall
    continue updating this log here as i progress from this point on ...i'm more than happy to answer
    questions that havent been addressed in the worklog already...I hope that those that take the
    time to read through my worklog get a lil something from it...& best of luck with your own builds..

    More soon...

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