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    Okay a few things to consider, The video looks faster than what it is. The Limitor was plugged and the ride tops out at about 20mph. Most of the accelerations were to about 18.5mph and the average riding on the park bike paths varied from 3 mph or slower to about 12 mph.

    Balboa Lake Bike Path, the Sunday is the worst day of bike riding as you can see. Wandering toddlers by themselves, families completely taking up the entire path. Anyhow the video date was wrong, it is actually the 18th and afternoon, enjoy!

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    lotta traffic there ! you need the bell for sure.........bike works good!
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    Yeah. When kids near by best to slow it to a crawl or take it on the road, but lotsa buzzed beer drivers during the weekend so safer to just go slow. Besides the etrike ride I also wanted to show that the bike path really is so abused by many in general and the park doesn't maintain this for bikes only. The public as you saw had any and everything, many times blocking both lanes which force cyclists onto the grass. A stranger in their own land :p
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    Yeah about 14:38 the guy starts to veer in my left lane as I tried to go around him. His family took up the right and I had but to use that bell to wake him up. Not sure what he was thinking but he could clearly hear the trike trying to get past him. Best time to ride is midweek. BTW, regular bikers for the most part are cordial and many usually mind their own business, but this one guy in a red and white outfit and 33 poly frame bike has been outright hostile, just a warning there aren't many, but a few idiots out there intent on hating e and g bikers and creating situations that otherwise would not be created but for their personal dislikes.

    On another note. I did take the etrike level for the full distance. The range I got with no pedaling strictly on battery power on this trike was 29.54 miles before it crapped on me. My average speed on the bike path was for most of the way about 18.5 MPH give or take ;)
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    Great video. Do you have a build thread that tells about your emotor and battery.
    I have the same three wheel bike I could use for a build. Thanks
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    http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?39930-My-new-trike-project-will-be-a-screamer! This is actually my second dealings with Papamotors and Li Ping Batteries and so far no issues. The motors do start to make a sort of ringing hum noise from strain at around 24 mph under heavy acceleration. That aside the system has worked flawlessly. Someone told me that California allows a 1000 watt motor system legally. I thought it was 750 watts, but if you plug the limiter plug together on the controller, the max speed is at 20 mph. Since the motor has no wattage or size markings there is no way for anyone to check it onsite. My guess is if you are going under 20mph and just riding normally and not recklessly, the cops should be okay. What they mainly are looking for is someone driving dangerously and being a **** or endangering others. Also I ride it in the street so doesn't seem to be an issue.

    The installation on the trike because I already had experience with the kit and knew exactly what I had to do, took about two hours. On my first Ezip it took me about 8 hours originally. If you drive it at around 18mph which means half throttle you should get close to 30 miles distance on the 48 volt 15 amp system. The optional limiter plug on the controller when plugged in makes the top speed at around 20.5 mph but also cuts your range down as well. A shame really, but if you leave the limiter unplugged you can hit top speeds of about 29mph maybe 30 depending on wind resistance. One note: Make sure to use the green slime stuff in your tubes. My Schwinn went flat from normal road debris. Luckily it did so at home so I was able to effect a repair there.

    In my case, I mainly use the trike for jaunts all over to do shopping. Saves tons of gas money and has been fun in the bike lanes. The trike is a real head turner and gains very cool comments from many. My two wheel ezip I use mainly for off roading locally or rides at the park for fun. Papamotors and Ping battery have just been the best and both of their services respond quickly. That has to date been my experience with them.
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    Thanks for posting the build thread. Great job.
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    Still going strong. The Schwinn Meridian is a perfect candidate for the Papamotors kit, a very strong bike and steel forks. I have been taking it shopping all over and just ride the streets with most traffic. Drivers in cars are much more apt to notice when you are riding the 29mph range and I have had calls from many interested in getting one. I averaged the build up price around 1700 bucks with everything plus accessories and musical player too and yes even a db web cam. Only thing is you periodically need to check and make sure particularly the rear wheel bolts are super tight since the trike was never really meant for fast speeds. Also there are small holes topside the rear axle tube where you can insert a lube spray. I use lithium grease here and it has worked well. WD40 on the outside areas. Recommend the 5amp fast charger which makes a full charge battery in around 4 hours give or take. At 18 mph a range of over 29 miles and I might even add a second battery pack to the trike to double my riding range. Only concern remains flats, though I got an extra thick tube with the green stuff inside so it seems to be holding. I am considering maybe solid tires all the way around. Harsh ride but they never go flat ;)