E-Z fix gas cap leak/rattle pics

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by spunout, May 20, 2007.

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    i did a search for "gas caps", which garnered 360 matches. i remember a little discussion, but no way do i have the time/patience to look thru all those.

    Both my caps leaked fuel/rattled. ruined a lot of stickers from the gas, and the rattle (previously) was fixed with a ugly strip of gorilla tape across it and down both sides of the tank.
    For 35cents at hardware store, i got a plumbing o-ring, and installed that under the stock cap ring. No leaks or rattles, and cap still 'breathes'. a little harder to put cap on now, no big deal, though

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    cool info 8)
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    i did the same thing with a flat rubber washer from a plumbing store,works great no leaks.
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    Problem fixed

    Get the new style gas cap and the rattle and leak issues were fixed. You can tell if you have the new style tank lid by visual. They are much much longer and have different internals which is why they are longer. Thanks..Enjoy the ride.