E-zip trail-z convert to gas. i'm doing one!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dchevygod, Jun 28, 2013.

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    So after my other custom got liberated from me I picked up a trail-z from Walmart out of necessity. I used it and determined that this platform was destined for a gas conversion. I've put together some parts and need 3 major components to get fab started.

    The plan is using a 5:1 trans, and an 11t "8mm pitch" with a 44t drive gear on the left hand freewheel. This is very straightforward in design, all I need to do is remove the electric motor from the mount plate and attach the new 5:1trans as well as the L/H freewheel and 44t in place of the 20t #40 sprocket. I've chosen a cy46r for power, I plan on using a 2L tear drop tank and modding the carb for single feed w/o primer. This bike need a front end upgrade to be great " the stock shocks are bent from a customer running into a parked car." I think I want to run triple trees but I want shocks on the front as well as a front disc brake, but the completion of fab isn't held up by that. I want a good quality twist throttle with a killswitch, not a cheap plastic one. This bike needs to be top notch so I'm not ashamed to ride it. The 3 things I need to start deconstruction and fab are, engine, fuel tank and throttle/w cable.

    Any thoughts or comments? Has any one done a trail-z conversion before?

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    Sounds like a plan. Did you give any thought to keeping the electric drive train and adding a gas engine? It would allow you to run electric power alone on side walks and multi-use paths.
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    Yes and no. The drive train is what is appealing in this conversion, making it an easy gas swap. If I were to do a hybrid it would be a 24v hub motor in the front wheel to keep weight evenly distributed. Also I loath the SLA battery and its weight. So the heavy rack that holds the battery and controller is going bye bye. And a light sheet metal HT 2L tank and twist throttle take its place, the Currie motor weighs more than the cy460r and I'm more than quadrupling the power it currently has. I'll take measurements to see what kind of weight reduction I'll get from this conversion. The 46cc engine "cy460r" has 4.2HP @ 13000 rpm :D
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    WOW just started converting one of these for my main ride and couldn't agree more they are almost made to be motorized.
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    Cool man what is your engine choice for yours? Are you using the mount plate as well? I've read that these have an inherent flaw In how the wheels are laced, they can be relaced correctly with 14g spokes. I plan on upgrading the rear wheel to 12g spokes since I had issues on my belt drive with 14g spokes and less power than this will have. I did just replace the forks with straight stockers, but I have a plan to build some triple tree shocked forks. I have some triple tree clamps from a razor mini chopper and the shocks from the bent zoom forks, if I can get a buddy of mine to make the long riser bars I can have a shocked chopper style front end for this bike but that way it still won't have disc brakes.
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    I have a Honda GX35 OHC Mini 4 Stroke on a GEBE rack mounted bike kit. I had the back wheel custom built to go with the engine so I'm moving it onto the E-zip. The only snag I'm hitting at the moment is the front fork. I'm looking for something with disk-brakes as well but cant find something in the right size. I 1/8 in threaded headset. Ware are you hearing about problems with the stock wheels?
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    Awesome man if you look at my avatar that is my custom gebe style belt drive on a high end Motobecane with a 30cc built Ped motor, unpiped I hit 40 and I beat two tickets I got for going too fast. That bike was jacked from in front of my apartment.
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    That looks to be exactly what I need as well i've been looking for a suspended fork with disk brakes for a few weeks now with no luck so thanks for that. Have you e-mailed the manufacturer at all? Do you know if you need any kind of adapter for this kind of bike? I'm sorry to hear about your bike make sure to keep the new one inside.
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    No I haven't contacted that seller. I think I'm gonna build my own triple tree suspension forks since I have the clamps and a spare bent set of forks " the bars that slide inside the shock portion are bent"

    I'm convincing myself to relace the rear wheel and upgrade to 12g spokes, even more $$$ and scary " its my first time fully lacing, ive done multiple replacements and truings " but I want a reliable ride. I bought the gebe HD upgrade for my other custom after snapping numerous 14g spokes on 3 different occasions. This engine is much larger and more powerful, though now I'm driving off the hub and not half the spokes on one side of the wheel. I still think that the increase in power could cause problems with the stock 14g spokes. I would just buy the staton HD wheel but that will cost more than my engine new! So that's not an option for me I'm too broke for that :(
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    I got you lol its all about what you can push your finances to do for you I suppose. I'm personally more comfortable with a smaller engine and less speed lol but that's just me. I will drop them a line and see what they can do for me.
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    looks cool let us know how it turns out
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    Badly so far. Three e-mails in as many days and still no response. Are we sure they are still in business?
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    Did the conversion a few years ago, worked very well. Drilled holes in the electric motor mount to align with the 5:1 tuff little reverse rotation gear box. Did some grinding to top of hole that tranny sprocket shaft goes through to move gear box a bit higher, don`t remember why.

    Bolted a China Girl rear sprocket to the electric 22 tooth freewheel sprocket with 1/4" bolts. The large sprocket holes aligned with the 22 tooth sprocket notches perfectly. Have a 1/2" pitch 12 tooth on the gear box. Running a 49cc 2 stroke engine.

    Starts out with 1 turn of pedal assist, cruise at 35 mph with 180 lb rider. A good friend rides it 6 miles to work most days. The system has been trouble free, sprockets must be aligned correctly. Titan 49cc 4 stroke friction drive gets better gas mileage. Recently he did carb adjustments, has not said if it helped, will check with him. Have a small gas tank mounted on bottom of motor.

    The Three used electric bikes bought off CL, all have the (vertical) motor mounts, which position engine above the axle. Bought 3 new additional motor mounts from Currie for $9.85 each, they lay horizontal and position the motor behind the axle. Would do easy mod to have engine above axle for the support strut and road clearance. Don`t remember if pictures were posted to this forum.

    With the $9.85 plus shipping Currie electric motor mount it is easy to make most bicycles into rear axle mount. A China Girl rag mount wheel sprocket could be used for "Cheap &

    Bought the 3 Currie electrics for $50. ea on CL, they have much stronger wheels and nice road tires also left side threads and the sprocket, also HD frame if your back can handle a Hard Tail Frame.

    Also used the 5:1 gear box on my shifter bike with the 49cc Titan 4 stroke mounted on the top bar close to the head tube. Use the rear cassette gears like a dirt bike tranny = fun fun.

    Currently building a Stretch Cruiser bike with Briggs 5 Hp flat head (11 inches tall for in-frame clearance). Bought several HD Whizzer wheels off eBay for the nice smooth belt drive. Sold my Whizzer, too big for it.

    PS; Hello to my friends on here, been building Swing Blade Sawmills and Chain Saw lumber mills, both run on 20 foot track.
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    I would love to have some more specs on your conversion treewk. IE what motor you used. How you did it if any spacing was needed to allign sprockets. I'm removing the 22t from the hub and installing a 44t in an 8mm pitch so I have the option of bolting the sprocket on either side of the flanged freewheel. Some thin washers will be for fine tuning. The trans has an 11t, I'm fairly certain I've got the gearing figured out. I'd love to see some pics of the drilled mount plates. Though I can see it in my head I'd like a visual representation. I'm going to leave the horizontal plate but I want to mount the trans verticaly, for engine-road clearance. I know filling the trans will be more difficult but the 5:1 I have doesnt have a fill or drain hole? I was just going to drill and tap the holes where I need them. But there are areas cast into it for the fill and drain to go.
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    Well I started investigating the front end parts I have and found an issue. The triple tree clamps are about .5" narrower than the shocks are :( so I need to have some new strut bars made with a slight bend in each one. I really want shocks on this bike even if I can't do disk brakes yet. Ill try and post a pic of the front end parts I have to mod. q54e.jpg