e3 spark plug, it works! i think?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Sep 12, 2009.

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    so i have a 33cc zooma engine, it has been giving me problems letly with bogging down, i ran 20:1 and the stock torch bm6a, i took out the torch and i drilled the intake holes 3/4ths bigger, then i switched my mix to 25:1 and put a fuel filter on the line, i also got an e3 3.12. i cleaned the fuel lines and ran the engine bone dry, i put in the fresh 25:1 and the plug and it took a few pulls to start, it sputterd and there was alot of smoke, i let it warm up and went for a ride, it was boging down bad and i though i had lost my 10 bucks for the plug, it almost stalled mid throttle too!, but then it popped and ran great! it has alot more low end power and the same top speed, but more power all around, noticably more power, but it could be the air intake and it could be the gas mixture too, so im not 100% sure its the plug, oh and with the e3 plug it doesnt idle as low as it did before, but it still idles really smooth for a 2 stroke,

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    can't give credit to the plug since you did several other things that could have been the the root of your engine problems. I suspect you had a fuel issue, either old fuel or partially clogged carb.
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    yeah it ended up bogging down 10 times worse after a half hour, so i took the carby apart and the intake jets mesh screen was full of ****, i cleaned it out good, then it ran great!, it was perfect, then after a few hours it began to bog again, i think its running to lean, i am going to go and turn the mixture screw ounter clockwise and see if that helps.
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    I have had excellent results with the E3 sparkplugs.
    Are you using an in line fuel filter? It sounds like you are getting carp from your gas tank into the carburetor.
    Even if you ae using a plastic gas tank, you can get carpy fuel from the gas station and plug up the carb.