e3 spark plugs and replacement plug wires

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  1. I rode into town last night and stopped at 2 auto parts stores looking for an ngk b6hs spark plug. neither had one in stock which I expected. 1 day order ,but advance has them to order ship to store for $2.09-20%.
    I am running an e3-12 which was on the bike. i just solved my 4 stroking with silicone on my intake gasket. I was worried about burning the motor up with an intake leak. The bike runs pretty good with the e3 , but I am worried that it is 1 range too hot. Does anyone else run an e3 spark plug? it does match up perfectly to the original chinese plug.
    i replaced the plug wire and boot with a prestolite 7mm from an old coil from my 1977 75 hp outboard which is long gone. The coil was in a ,I' gonna sell this some day pile. I got a plug tip from another spark plug I had lying around after breaking another trying to get the tip off. Hey, I have a lot of parts here.
    The new rubber boot fits really snug. We will see if it runs better today.

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    I had same problem finding. Just go to any motorcycle shop in area. They'll have NGK...........
  3. no real problem

    In my area we have 4 parts stores in less than a 1 mile area and 2 more about 5 miles a different direction. I just wanted to ride and stopped because 2 stores were still open and it gave me a reason to stop. I didn't even try napa or glendale auto, the real parts stores. I was at autozone and parts city(formerly an origianal murray's) . either one could get it.

    I ran the bike 10 miles today . one breakdown earlier this morning when the idler spit out the side. I needed to install a circlip to retain the inner bearing half. oops.

    The new plug wire helps the mid range throttle response.
    I have already gone through a half gallon of gas.
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