Early Motored Bikes !!

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Esteban, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Cool stuff. The NSUs are good looking bikes.

    So are the New Hudsons, but they look pretty heavy.
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  4. mark2yahu

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    I'll have to say it is mine too. The engine at the front hub is a really clean placement.
  5. Alan

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    I third that choice.
    Here's another one from page 5. A lot of great stuff going on there. Fun thread.

    And just think. Harley had v-twins on their bicycles by 1911.

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  6. Esteban

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    That's a sharp one, too. LOVE the muffler gas tank, 7 springer front !! There are many that I like in their " For Sale " pages' ALSO, look at their " Spares" page. $$$$$$$ though !!
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  8. try1897

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    That one looks like a motorbike in the womb.... T.
  9. mark2yahu

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    If Harley-Davidson starts making motorized bicycles again, it would be all that's needed to start the MB revolution. Heaven on earth kinda stuff.
  10. wavygravy

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    great idea mark2yahu!! lets start an email campaign to h.d. headquarters requesting remakes of those old heroic motoredbikes of yesteryear!!
  11. mark2yahu

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    Remake the original Harley MB

    Well that's how Harley and Indian got started, with a motorized bike. How traditional can you get? Yeah, put my name on that request :cool:
    I'd be in hog heaven.