Early Sunday Drive



I woke up sunday morning at 6 am without cigarettes and so I desided to take the bike for a ride to the store. , about 8 miles round trip, and so off I went. It was still dark outside so I used the barrery pack light system and rear flasher that I got. It was wonderful. Man I was in heaven riding right down the middle of the street not a car in site. I got the cigs and crused as the sun was comming up . What a beautiful experience just riding along with not a care in the world. That seems to be what its all about...... I can see that I need to find a place farther away from the cars and traffic to ride in peace..........Tom
Tom that is what we all love about these bikes my Epiphany was on a spring AM Sunday drive blue sky's early morning smells (whisteria , honey suckles and fresh cut grass) and no cars that is why I want to try and find some local bike trails in the woods .

Yesterday it was in the low 70's here so I got up and went to the farmers market, wallmart, and goodwill (those basket on my bike come in handy) talked for awhile about the bike and all in all had a great day.