Early whizzer..what year please?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Danny F., Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Danny F.

    Danny F. Guest

    Hi, I'm new here, from Belgium, Europe..I'm into vintage mopeds/bikes and H-D's, and I'm already shooting my first question..can anybody tell me more or have pictures from an early 40's (?) Whizzer powered "bicycle" that was build in Luxembourg..?
    Thanks, any info will be appriciated !

  2. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Dan try looking here http://scooter.lst1090.org/index.htm .I beleave there is a picture of what you are looking for.I've seen a couple,but its been a year or so.I don't realy remember were I saw them.I know there are a couple of places on the net.That had some pictures of the Euro Whizzers.You just have to keep looking.I hope this helps Rod
  3. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    I think this is what your talking about. Or they look very close to the whizzer you want.
    I think this is a deluxe model,because I have seen them without the engine covers also. Rod
  4. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    Danny Franssen! Well I'll be :D

    Welcome mate......

  5. spunout

    spunout Member

    Welcome to MBc 8) 8)
    Happy :mrgreen:
  6. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Welcome to the group!

  7. Danny F.

    Danny F. Guest

    Thanks for the welcome, infos & links!
    Retro racer, thanks for that picture but what I mean is much older...(with a girder fork)..
    I'm wiser now and I even got 2 pictures from what I discribed earlier...I will post them tomorrow !

    srvlives, ha, small world !
  8. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Welcome Dan,and sorry that the pic.wasn't much help.I know the model your talking about.I've seen one on a site a couple of years ago.The basic workings look almost the same.The frames,forks,and seats are realy different for the average whizzer.These models are realy rare here in the states.Makes sense considering they were easyer,and cheaper to build than Import back then. Rod
  9. Danny F.

    Danny F. Guest

    right here...

  10. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Thats It Dan.The one I saw was alittle different,but for the most part very simular.The one I saw had a single top tube,and the tank was mounted on top.Then I saw another one with a totaly different tank.It also sat on top of the double tubes,but it was a longer flater tank.Nice pictures Dan Thanks Rod
  11. ironwarlock

    ironwarlock Guest

    I saved this pic a while ago. Dont know about what year it would be but its smoke,n hot.
  12. Danny F.

    Danny F. Guest

    Damn, that orange "tracker" is nice !!

    If anybody would be interested in that early Whizzer I posted above, let me know...While I was calling and mailing around for pics from different models that guy called me back and said he might consider selling...
    I personally have to much stuff around my hands now, so I'm not getting it..mail or pm me if interested..Price no idea yet though..
  13. "Flying Merkle Repop"

    Hi all, that bike looks to me like, NE5 Whizzer engine kit, Crossbow fork (copy od pre-war Monark), frame and tank looks like one of Sam from Firebikes, center stand is Whizzer, Wheels appear to be Worksman, saddle appears to be Brooks of England, Modern Cruiser pedals, crank and control set, again Whizzer. Half moon cruiser bars upside down, docked rear fender.

    This is a very nice bike, probably built mid '06 or newer.

    What state is that old Whizzer located in?

  14. Re: "Flying Merkle Repop"

    stop dissasembling her with your eyes! :shock:
  15. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    I think your right Mike.I saw this thing for sale a couple of years ago in Ebay.It was built by Firebikes,and was on there webpage for a long time.
  16. smitty

    smitty Guest

    I think the saddle is an "Ideale".
  17. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hey Guys, I have a "L" case, if anyone is looking for one. It is the "300" series" and I bought it from Europe several years ago.

    Whizzer OuterBanks,