Earthquake in Southern California

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    7-29-2008: I was doing some grocery shopping at Walmart in Westminster, and at exactly 11:42 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, it started shaking. It wasn't a gentle rocking, but a sharp sideways shaking. Lasted about a minute. What got me was the roof of Walmart; I noticed they had aluminum beams, and they creaked pretty loudly. I told the guy next to me to watch for anything falling from up above. An old lady started hyperventilating and held her chest. She sped away with shopping cart (imagine that!) towards the manager up front. The aisle full of glassware was just a walkway of shards. A big fat lady sat on the floor while her husband fanned her with a paper. And when the shaking stopped, I just expected them to start checking us out, but no, they told us to go outside. They closed Walmart and I left.

    It was weird; the streets around my neighborhood was like a deserted Twilight Zone as I rode around with the 25cc Robin-Subaru buzzing away ever so quietly. Most people were scared, so they stayed indoors I guess.
    Having lived in Southern California for 39 years, earthquakes are more fascinating to me than scary. And most people here nowadays are from the East Coast and foreign countries, so they're terrified of quakes. They just can't fathom the concept of the earth doing stuff like this. I never did get any shopping done :(
    but it was nice riding around in my motored bike :)
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    I was born in Bakersfield, and spent the first few years of my life there. One of my earliest memories is of hanging on for dear life as my bed danced across the bedroom. The high school I graduated from was damaged so severely by an earthquake in March of 1993 that the building had to be demolished.

    Earthquakes are disturbing, but hardly terrifying.
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    haha ;)
    Living in Memphis TN I became aware of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, responsible for one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded in the US.
    There has only been fairly minor shakes every once in a blue moon so to speak. I think there is going to be another really big one again and almost no one is even thinking about it.
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    Wasn't there a bigger one before the 1971 Sylmar quake? It was so violent that I fell out of bed.