East Tennessee anyone

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  1. acehere

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    I am in Knoxville and was wondering if there are any of you in the Knoxville area that has a motoredbike and rides around here.PLease let me know..thanks.Allen

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  2. stude13

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    this is a problem with not putting the home town in bio. you can look in members list. good luck.
  3. oreilly907

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    I'm in Cookeville, TN and inthe process of moving to west Knoxville. I haven't ridden there yet but it looks like the city has a pretty aggresive bicycle development plan. BTW, is that the same bike on Knoxville CL?
  4. acehere

    acehere New Member


    yes it is. thought I might sell it and build one ground up. But the more I look at this one,i might just keep it..