Easy and Inexpensive Air Filter Mod!!


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Jun 6, 2008
Bluffton, Ohio
I've included pictures of this modification to help. Everything was bought at the local hardware store. It's easy, cheap, quiet and better filtration with very little resistance. Forgive me if this has already been done. But I sure didn't see it and I think I looked pretty hard. And you'll have to forgive the absence of real terminology for the items I bought. I've got pictures that will hopefully shed some light on what I did. I know the pictures are a little fuzzy. My 10 yr. old daughter wanted to help me so I let her take the pics so she could start learning how to use the camera. I think they're good enough for everyone to understand what I did. I'm really happy with the results. My motor runs so much quieter and I feel better knowing that there's a much better filter on my motor.

1. 1 1/2 in. to 1 1/2 in. rubber drain pipe coupling with collar.

-The reason I got this particular coupling is because of the ridges inside the tube. I trimmed off a little of the rubber with a good pair of scissors so that the ridges would fit snuggly around the outside ridge of the carb. I also turned the rubber tube inside out and trimmed off the centering ridge.

2. 1 1/2 in. pvc drain fitting.

-this little drain end holds the filter securely inside the coupling

3. vaccum cleaner replacement filters

- you can use any kind of filter element but I liked this one because it was a two stage element that you could easily cut and shape with scissors. It also seems to have very good air filtration without hardly any resistance.

Its pretty easy. Just slap it together. Make sure the smooth side of the filter element is toward the carb so you don't get little yellow fuzzies in your engine. The other great thing about the filter I used is that it came with four elements...two pair of different types of filters. I've got plenty ofreplacement material to last a good while.

Finished Filter.jpg

Purchased Items.jpg

element backside.jpg


trimmed coupling ridge.jpg

push it together!.jpg

congrats! A good looking filter on a cool looking bike.

Have fun. One of these days maybe I'll copy it. The stock filters are probably ok, but they do look kinda cheesy, don't they?
Another filter material that works well with the stock sponge as a prefilter is floor vent filters that can be cut to size.