eat well... or "how a half second changed my life...briefly"

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    i woke up in hospital the other day. (after walking in and admitting myself...i wasnt THAT bad! and i still got to ride in an ambulance...transported me to a different hospital for the actual surgery... thats weird...getting strapped into a stretcher when youre perfectly capable of even ducked out down the road for a ciggy beforehand...)

    a nice C-shaped scar behind my left ear.

    new titanium plates in my jaw.

    lots of stitches inside my mouth, not sure exactly but its at least ten.

    erm... oh yes, couple of stainless screws sticking out of my gums, with rubber bands stretched across.

    im blaming it on basically not eating very well. now im on a diet of soft stuff for a few weeks. great. and as for my not looking forward to when i can open my mouth again. i couldnt chew now even if i was allowed to.

    basically...i get these occasional dizzy spells when i stand up after crouching/squatting for a few minutes.

    mostly because i dont eat very regularly, etc. coupled with low blood pressure, and a fairly low heart rate.

    cardiology tests revealed nothing other than a (rather normal for me) erratic pulse.

    i stood up to chuck some gravel in a bucket at work, and got dizzy. chose to stay standing and wait for it to pass rather than quickly squat back down for a second or two as i usually do when they get me.

    next thing i was aware of was the crack as my jaw hit the concrete. blood, spit out some teeth, and yup...broken jaw. real nice :) 3 places, and really did a good job. gave the surgeons a tough job for once, as they said :)

    at least i didnt hit...the glass balcony screen, the brick wall, the glass door, the alloy lip on the door step, etc etc etc.. could have been way worse.

    ha ha. the joke is...Dr says "expect to lose 10% of your body weight"...

    ive already put on a kilo in a week :) its amazing what you can eat without chewing it!

    it really does pay to look after yourself.

    ill post a few piccies sooner or later. im sort of annoyed i didnt get any of when i first did it... though i think the guy contracting us did... iunno, that afternoon was all sort of blurry... clear...but blurry.

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    MANNN!I learned my lesson about headrushes back in my dual-bowl bong days, feel spinny, GET ON ALL FOURS FAST!Very interesting how the old addage applies here to bikes "high speed wrecks cause road rash, tip overs/falls break bones".Thank goodness for modern medicine AND TI screws, in the old days that injury was a death warrent.Get better, and get down next time.
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    Wow! Sorry to hear about your setback! Best of luck on your recovery!

    As a lifelong cyclist, this hits home with me. I have a big, strong heart with low blood pressure and chronic bradicardia. That means if I stand up fast (which is too often!), things go black and my response is always to stand still, breathe deep and push the darkness away. It's almost like a game to me as it doesn't hurt. Never has occurred to me that I could actually black out! From now on I'll be sure to brace against something when this happens.
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    I've had it go dark around the edges of my vision from standing up too quick plenty of times but never had it go full black. maybe that's something we all need to be careful of
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    google "adrenal fatigue"
    it is caused by constant exposure to "foods" (tongue in cheek because of all the synthetic crap e put in our mouths) that we are fully or partially allergic to.
    can also be due to exposure to environmental toxins/alergens such as chemical fumes.
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    Um, nonsense.Some people have low blood pressure, others take beta blockers, some like to smoke out, those all cause head-rushes.Collidial silver and other snake-oil ideas do no good.
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    Make sure you get down, not lean on something.When you go it's a deflate-collapse, if you're leaning on something you're more likely to hit your head.Get down, palms flat, squating all the way down as if leap-froggin or doing #2 in the woods with your face as close to the gound as comfortable, also do a quick check for sharp corners.
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    I'm sorry but I didn't realize you you were a smoker. All smokers have a hidden death wish and to try to help them with their health is an exercise in futility.
  9. troyg

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    Um, I didn't realize you had such minor powers of observation.I didn't say "I" smoked, I said "some people" and what I meant was cannabis not baccy.I don't think you are observant enough to be giving medical advise, no offense, reading, and comprehension without personal projection is important.What you gave was medical stuff that didn't relate, what I gave was practical advise.
  10. jaguar

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    here's quoting you:
    "id even ducked out down the road for a ciggy beforehand"

    I'd is short for "I did", obviously, not "some people".
    and "ciggy" is in reference to a cigarette. If you wanted to be sly you should oF said you went for a smoke.
    so according to your own words YOU ducked out for a CIGARETTE.

    Either way you are obviously too damb smart in your own eyes to accept any advice from someone else. so sorry. (not really)
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    I am fully allergic to galactose, which is present in everything but in especially high contents in milk products and certain beans. might be something to that.
  12. troyg

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    BA WAH HA HA HA HAAAA! You're calling someone dumb, by saying they're "too damb smart"
    First, spelling counts.
    Second, You have used a quote from the OP, that stated "I" as in "ME" said it.I'm troyg, headsmess is the OP (doofus).
    So, by rational logic, you can't keep things straight in a post a few replies long.
    You are the one with closed eyes, closed mind, and possibly from the brilliant reasoning shown above, pickled brains.
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    Hey Jaguar, don't all of us guys on 2 wheels have a hidden death wish? I'm just looking to get a bit more fit while enjoying it!

    HeadSmess, I had my broken jaw wired shut for a while. Sucks. What little food I could slurp down had no flavour. Beer tasted like soda water and then I worried that I would puke, which could be fatal with wired together teeth. I did lose a lot of weight. Get better good dude. World needs you.

  14. HeadSmess

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    lol lol lol!

    in MY case, id meant "I HAD"

    ciggy meant cigarette.

    question...would you rather be locked in a sealed room with 20 dollars worth of smouldering vegetation...or 20 dollars worth of smouldering diesel/petrol/hydrocarbon fumes?

    my choice to smoke is frowned upon but i have no choice but to breathe in other peoples dirty stinking exhaust fumes, with no choice in the matter. diesels should be BANNED. and why buses now have the exhausts at face height rather than stuck up on a stack like they always have been defies all sense and logic.

    i know which one humans have been breathing in for several thousand years...

    yes, dizzy fainting spells from having low blood pressure mostly.

    it can be quite fun, riding out the "buzz" as you sort of lose consciousness... free high :) as someone mentioned...keep walking and you can stagger around in this semi blind state and then its gone.

    just...dont do it when theres anything you might hit! and dont stand still! get down real fast. only takes a half second, and your fine again. next time i will heed my own advice.

    oh...dont means DO NOT, not "dont" as in "tooth"

    im lucky in that i only have stainless steel screws hanging out of my gums and rubber bands stretched across. i can open my mouth. can eat baked beans, sliced banana, etc... even nibble slightly, but of course im taking it easy :) i never really masticated my food before anyways, so.... nothings really changed, the pieces are just smaller now!

    already having a tooth missing in front is handy for the straws, too :)

    stitches came out yesterday. external ones, there is still several disolvable ones inside my gob. annoying now.

    cheers for the concerns people! and the amusing!
  15. troyg

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    When someone around me gets a headrush, they get all concerned "OH man, I almost passed out!" my reply is "Ah,... free one, people pay good money for that you know.", or one of my fav lines from an old sitcom:

    Doctor: Do you suffer from vertigo, dizzy spells, faintness, feeling like you may black out?

    Patient: No.

    Doctor: Me neither,... I find them relaxing.
  16. troyg

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    Jaguar, please note you lost your place in a simple conversation within 7 replies.You say you do "electromedicine" and make the below response,
    I want you to understand, a smart person WILL take advise, unless the advise comes from someone that seems to be confused about their abilities, or not quite "on the ball".Everything you wrote within this post spoke of that very thing, someone who actually practiced medicine, and understood what it meant to take that on wouldn't people out, and say "so sorry, not really".
    I wouldn't take advise from you, in this regard.A man is the sum total of all his shortcomings and attributes, not "just" attributes.If you want to practice quack medicine on yourself, cool, leave other people out of it as you have shown you may miss something by not being able to keep track.
  17. jaguar

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    Troy you are too full of it to even warrant a full reply. (you are unaware that people misspell in order to avoid the "bad word" snatcher and yet you think I'm dumb. yeah right)
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    How am I full of it?I called you on an obvious blunder on your part, you've yet to acknowledge that, and I come from the old days when spelling counts.We live in a time with spell-check, so it means you were probably in a huff and posted without proper introspection.
    1) You confused two different people
    2) You tried to brush that aside, by saying the "facts" I stated were "full of it".Can't accept fault.
    3) You deflected in a defensive way the only point you could refute, still pointing the finger, refusing to see if those mistakes were made in an actual diagnosis, you'd not do anyone any favors.
    What's the line from Jaws, "looks like that college education didn't teach you how to admit when you're wrong".

    Just saying, not someone I'd take certain advise from, engine stuff yeah, this stuff no.
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  19. jaguar

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    here’s the facts:
    -Headsmess said he passed out and then before he got to the hospital ducked out for a ciggy
    -I told him to google “adrenal fatigue”
    -I then apologized for trying to help out with health advice because after re-reading his post I saw that he was a smoker
    -then Troy in his excessive sense of self worth thought I was talking to him and started attacking and putting me down saying that I confused two people whereas he was guilty of that.
    -So funny, he’s saying I sidetrack issues but when I said I purposely misspelt “damn” as “damb” (thinking the bad word catcher would mark it out) he acted as if I had only sneezed or something and not given a truthful response. He sidetracks and can’t admit HIS mistakes! I am a super excellent speller by the way. On this forum I put “aszhole” instead of a-s-s-h-o-l-e, etc. It's not because I can't spell.

    Troy I haven’t given you health advice, nor would I. My heartfelt prayer is that bullies like you will all die at an early age. The world will be better off without you all.
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  20. troyg

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    Spoken like a medical professional who cares.
    BTW, only the good die young, how old are you?