ebay: 3-speed Gearshift 70cc Gas Bicycle Motor Kit with 2in1

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    has anyone ordered one of these kits? i was expecting some kind of jackshaft assembly included but the picture posted gives no clue. i'm assuming the "2 in 1" is actually the dual brake and clutch combo lever. and i really love the poor spelling and choice of words in the description.... yes people... it's "Facroty Direct"


    Being viewed is an Upgraded 80cc Motor Bicycle Engine Kit.

    * EPA approved! More reliable! Much safer!!
    * Top speed of about 40 MPH (depending on various factors).
    * Average mileage ranges from 100-150 MPG!
    * Dual brake and throttle combo levers.
    * 3 levels for speed selection!

    This kit comes with everything you need to remodel most any V-frame bike to a gas powered scooter/moped. You can also convert any regular 24", 26" or 28" single speed or multi speed mountain bike into a motorized bike.
    It is by far the best engineered kit at the lowest wholesale price direct from YescomUSA who does lots of retails, wholesales, even drop ships.

    3-Speed Clutch Lever ----3 levels for speed selection. Easy to shift gears!
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    It's hard to be sure of anything from that ad. I noticed that the clutch handle assembly seemed to have two levers.

    Could it be that the large lever is for a brake? It seems as though the throttle assembly has a built in brake lever as well.

    Could the small clutch lever be this "3 speed" function? If so, then I'm suspicious that they are trying to simulate gears by playing with the contact between clutch pads and plate. Getting lower "gears" at the cost of constant clutch slipping would be no bargain.

    I'd be skeptical. The price is a bit high, too.
  3. There is a "rapid fire" style shifter for controlling the front deraileur. You have the 3 speeds from the 3 rings on the cranks... nothing to do with the engines power. They know a sucker is born every minute, luckily it won't be you.
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    yeah it really looked like a scam. haven't heard a peep from any of the forums on it. was just trying to keep the newbies from wasting their monies on pipe dreams. they were pretty smart jacking up the price just to make it look legit. if it is a rapid fire derailleur type system then they should have stated on the ad that a 3 chain ring bike is required. most people will want to mount it on a cruiser frame so will be very disappointed when they're only getting 1 speed versus the 3 speed as promised.
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    Better they stick with what they know best....kitchenware.