eBay carburetor air leak proof?


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Apr 4, 2016
I bought a carburetor on eBay because my delarto sha clone was making me lose power. This carburetor is supposed to be better.

I bought it and it said 3 day shipping, it took 2 weeks to arrive and came in a smashed box with a cracked air filter housing.
s-l1600 (1).jpg

When I put it on the bike it turns on but only when choked in 90 degree weather. on top of this if i get it running and, I pull the throttle the bike dies. Finally I decided to test for air leaks with a can of starter fluid. When spraying around the intake manifold the bike dies. If I spay around the air filter instead the bike continues to run. I made this video to prove it.

Despite the pictures and video, the eBay seller (in a nice way) has stalled to the brink to keep their money (as anyone would do) and is telling me ("our technician watched your video and says its running fine and he did not see "an oil leak"") I think there is some sort of translation error because they are not English.

I ask can you guys watch my video and review my pictures to tell me if I'm right and there is an air leak? Or if the eBay seller is right and I'm doing something wrong.


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Jul 23, 2012
I've never used tape there, and doubt it will last. The carb must fit with a tight seal there, but I get several customers coming in that failed to get that seal. Sometimes a steel intake will not seal until it's edge gets filed smooth, other times (though rare) the carb itself has a small defect in mounting flange that needs to be smoothed. Either way, one needs to make it fit tight and all the way on.