eBay deal : HuaSheng 4 stroke kit slightly used (1 mile) at $56 bid with <12 hours to go

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by bakaneko, Apr 12, 2016.

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    I was looking at this for a while for either a build for my mother or possibly a dual engine bike. But, my mother doesn't want a bike and my bike has a poor rear rack. I would only do a rear rack build with the in-built rear racks that are very sturdy. Man, wouldn't that be cool to have a duo engine build (in-frame and on the rack). I don't even know what that would do. I imagine just double the torque but same top speed. Hell, I was gonna snap it up just for spare parts and engine...

    So, this seller with 100% rating is selling his kit for starting bid of $50 and it is at $56 with less than 12 hours to go. He says there is only 1 mile on the engine and from the picture the engine looks clean and new. Comes with the cheapest transmission (which has served me well for 400 miles) and everything else except the tank. Shipping is a reasonable $15. Well, take it as it is. I am fine with my 4-stroke atm (went 25 miles today) and any future investment will be in the next big engine build (lifan or predator).


  2. bakaneko

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    Wow. It went for $59! That is a practically new engine with most parts for $59. Even the 4-stroke carb, fly weight, and transmission is worth $70-80. If the engine is 1 mile old as the 100% seller claims, the guy that got it for $59 got a deal. Holy moly, lol.

    Now, I feel like a clown for not trying to snipe it at $60-65. :eek:
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    Wow that's a steal