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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by echotraveler, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Look at my avatar at the top & see the O & R bike I used to have.
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    oh yeah thats the first one...lol...it seems they auction a display model, whats your experience?
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    It was a pretty good runner. Hard to find parts for , now, but I never needed anything other than gaskets , which are available online.Steel friction drive roller on front wheel. Same advantages & disadvantages on any friction drive. Screamer, very loud at full throttle & guesstimated 120mpg. It mated best with a middleweight, or hybrid type bike. Lightweight skinny tire racer bike had the fastest speed but in my area the roads are too rough. I weigh 175 I could do a max of 20mph, which is enough for me. Of course, a lighter rider & lighter skinny tire bike would be faster. They were sold under the names; Ohlsson & Rice, Orline, & Chicken Power kits.
  6. I still have my chicken power that I rode 20+ years ago mine was the black color.
    but same as most others I have seen.

    there was one unusual set up for some of the chicken powers that had an extended muffler that extended all the way to lower front axle I only seen a few of those, but I have seen literally dozens of chicken powers.

    the other day I was browsing evilbay myself & saw another unusual engine from my youth I belive what was called a bike bug, no I didnt bid.


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    yeah i also saw one, it was white colored...they look cool!
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    It was odd that I sawChicken power kits with the extended muffler, but never saw that on one of the other O & R bike engines. Never saw a " chicken " decal on another either ! LOL
    There are still many of those old " Bike Bug , Taz, Free Spirit, " etc., etc, bike engines around. Here is a link to a website all about those ;
  9. thanks for the link I am looking it over I probably will never own own one but they are cool.

    & as for the chicken powers with the decals where I grew up most had chickens on them but most I have seen outside of my neighborhood did not I guess the dealer that sold them here had the chicken decal ones? unsure.

    I may can ask questions if I can find an old retired dealer an hour away in North Carolina that was a O&R dealer back when they were new. he had a huge collection & a good sized parts stash but it has been close to 10 years since I was at his house but have seen his set ups at a show I go to in July.

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    It is not hard to find the old Bike Bug type engine kits at all. Many are out there under their different names , & some only need a little work to get them going.The best, in my opinion, would be the latter version, with the square type plastic shroud over the engine. That one has a clutch & you don't have to manually lift, by lever, the engine off the drive wheel when stopping. You see them a lot on the BAY. Mike, from the link I sent , can answer about any question, supply parts, rebuild engines, etc.
    That would be good to get info on old O & R parts. The biggest problem with these , { all 2 strokes ] is people leaving old gas in them. That & a fuel pump diaphram that dries out. You can find a reproduction diaphram & other O & R info, here;

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    :idea:You know, with the chicken motor up front and a rear rack mount engine, that would be a sweet combination.

    A 1.5" roller or 18.75:1 chain drive and you'd have an awesome low end/high end setup.
  12. thank you. I didnt know they had clutches most people would get off their bike & lift front tire & walk along side to get moving & jump back on or if a 20" would just stand up & lift front up & would walk slightly & jump on pedals & start pedaling before sitting down.

    there were 3 or 4 chicken powers in my neighborhood which I ended up buying one of & several around town rode by people I didnt know.

    there were several bike bugs & a few others I do not remember the names. I remember seeing the adds in Sears & Roebucks catalogs for an engine with square cover that fit on the rear.

    as for the dealer there is a neighborhood in North Carolina where 4 small engine people live all are into different engines 1 is into the hit & miss style 1 was into the lawnmowers & different briggs & stratton engines & 1 guy that was a dealer for O&R & he had a huge collection including an electric start generator as well as several generators, chainsaws, weedeaters, hedge trimmers, water pump, & other applications.

    I saw in pics the bike bugs where most had the lower exhaust like I have seen on a couple of chicken powers, but most chicken powers I have seen just had the standard short exhaust, not sure if that was optional or? the last one I saw with the lower exhaust the guy wanted $475 for the bike with engine & wasn't a runner & that was 7 or 8 years ago so I let it sitting the bike was just a ragged out beach cruiser but engine turned over & had spark but I didnt feel it was worth anywhere near that & guy just kept talking about it being rare. oh well...

    I may have to look into a clutch model that might go good with my old custom I built it when I was 13 & I am 42 now & it has been rebuilt several times but I kept the basic style the same. dual fork front end with 1 set reversed running a 20" front tire & a 24" rear it had high rise style bars but the chicken power was a menace on that bike because you couldnt engage from the seat & was a 26 inch frame with a banana seat in rear with a tall sissy bar to lay against as a back rest. presently bike is dissasembled & stripped to bare metal for its new rebuild into??????? but will still be a 20" front with tall bars but will probably use a standard seat with a rear luggage rack where originally I used a front luggage rack mounted down low over front tire.

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    Did your Chicken-Power not have a clutch ? My O & R hjad one & you never needed to disengage when coming to a stop. It was only disenagged when starting the motor or when pedalling. The Solex mopeds used a lower muffler as well.
    In Cuba, you have to be ingenious to build anything or keep it running. They keep their 1940-50's American cars going forever. Here is a link to enjoy ! Type - Rikimbili - into your search engine & enjoy !
  14. well I dont remember it having a clutch I havent cranked it in over 10 years but if it did have a clutch it was locked up. I have a Husky chainsaw with a locked up clutch I use now & then one of these day i will spend the money for a clutch but chain spins all the time engine is running & you have to open throttle before you can cut. been like that since it was given to me several years ago.

    I liked the Rikimbili site when I grew up the soda bottles were glass but a few people used them, as well as 5 quart oil cans which were like stubby antifreeze jugs but held more gas. the chicken power holds like 1 pint? I carried a gas can on luggage rack with premixed as chicken power needed gass too often with its small tank, but the guy I got it from used a bigger bottle on handlebars.

    Thank you,
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    is there a place i can post a link to this thread? so people can acces info on the chicken motor?
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    Here is another one if anyone is interested.

    Ebay Item number: 320351042309