eBay motorized gas tank deals : $22 for 3L (no cap, peacock), $68 for 5L

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    hello folks. so, i am in a bit of a conundrum. i am not sure if i should go with the 3L gas tank w/ double tank setup (w/ stock) or go with a single 5L gas tank. the stock gas tank (1.5L?) just isn't convenient enough and it is too small to fill with gas at the gas station.

    1. 4.5L (total) = 3L (front bar) + 1.5L (rear rack) = 1.18 gallons
    - total cost = $27 = $22 tank + $5 in materials
    - i guess i will have both peacocks open. not sure about the physics but i assume 1.5L will drain first then i will fill 3L when low and fill 1.5L completely. this should work with 1 gallon of gas at gas station.

    2. 5L (front bar) = 1.32 gallons
    - total cost = $68 = $50 tank + $18 shipping
    - problem here is that the length of this tank is 16" and extends into the front of my seat. i am short so i really need that seat as low as possible...
    - plus is that red is my favorite color and matches my helmet :p
    - also it is a bit pricey for me...

    am i missing something fundamental with any of the assumptions for both setups.

    here are the links to both auctions on eBay. I love eBay and both of these sellers have good ratings.



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    I decided to go with the 3L tank instead of the 5L. The 5L is so tempting but just a bit too pricey for me plus I am not sure it will fit on my curved top tube and smaller bike without having to mod the seat. I will build the 2 tank setup with the 3L in the front and the 1.5/2L stock on the rear rack feeding into one line and one filter. The deeper 3L should be able to take the initial fast flow from the gas pump and then the stock should take the trickle left from 1 gallon at the pump. I'll show pictures when it is done. Also, since yesterday posting, someone bought one of the 5L so only 3 left. I think this is a decent deal as for another 4L+ tank the seller is asking $80 + shipping. :eek:

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    Here is the 2 tank setup that many others and I have done. It is pretty easy to do and the only item you really need is a 1/4" T connector to connect the two fuel lines to the motor. I secure the back tank with hose clamps over a metal plate secured to the bolts with nuts and washers. I also painted the wood that I used to raise the gas tank black along with the metal hose clamps (the paint also rust protects).

    Initially, I wanted to connect the two fuel lines to the T connector then to one fuel filter but my bike is short and the 4-stroke motor is too tall so I had to connect two fuel filters then to the T connector then to the engine. I think with a 2-stroke motor I would have been able to just use one fuel filter.

    So, now I have 5L (3L on back, 2L on front) gas capacity or 1.3 gallons. I think the way I will use fuel is open from both to avoid having stale gas. When the 3L on the back is empty, I will refill for the 3L on the back where the fuel cap is furthest away from the engine so I feel safe filling directly from the pump vs a gas container to the tank. And, then trickle the rest into the front 2L tank. The gas flow from the pump will be strongest initially (3L back tank) and come to a trickle for the front 2L tank. Or at least that is what I think LOL.

    Total cost: $28 = $22 for 3L tank, $0.50 for new O ring, $0.50 for nuts, $5 for the black spray paint. But, I used the cap and peacock from another bike so if you don't have that available I imagine it is another $10.

    I did this so I can refill directly from the pump (no gas container transfer) and not to worry about running out of gas every time I hop on the bike. Just filled both tanks, it is pretty easy with the larger tank in the back taking the initial burst from the pump. It is amazing how fast the gas comes out for 1 gallon.

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    wheres the peacock?

    *supplies peacock*

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    Just a quick update on the duo gas tank setup. It is working really well. I am on my second full tank of gas now. It is a relief to not have to worry about running out of gas and transferring gas from the container to the tank and also having that expanded range. If you are a frequent commuter, I would definitely think about it. Cheers!