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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by kissman, Jun 27, 2008.

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    I'm looking to buy a engine kit for my schwinn point break. I don't want to spend to much money and found great prices on Ebay. Just want some feedback on the engines on Ebay. Worth the money? I'm looking at one sold by powerkingshop 80cc. I'm new to the bicycle engine stuff so any feedback would be great. This will be my first motorized bike and I want it to leave me wanting to build more. thanks

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    "there is no such thing as an 80cc HT"

    so, that rules out sellers who lie about displacement...the field just got a lot smaller, eh?

    thus endeth the lesson.
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    I purchased 3 "so called" 80cc motors from "Powerking" and have been extremely well pleased. Price is great and shipping is as fast as to be expected from BC Canada. I had a question and called their number and they returned my call promptrly. What more could you ask from an Ebay seller?
    I must admit that the instructions received from the manufacturerer were humerous to say the least. Powerking includes another set of instructions that were made up by the fellow from Florida that is mentioned on their Ebay site.
    I say go for it or use one of the dealers on this site...they seem to be very competitive with their prices.
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    I purchased from BoyGoFast on eBay. I received my kit within a week, and everything was good. I would however, at this time, find BlueCollarBob in this forum. He's offering a sweet deal, and I've spoken with him and he's a good guy. Same with Dax. http://www.ThatsDax.com to name a few.

    I suggest you spend some time here reading - there's reviews on many vendors, I believe.

    In the end, it's all the same Chinese motors...questions to consider are: how much? How Fast will it arrive? (Be careful here, because a lot of vendors have a "delay" because they don't have the motors in stock), how is their support? My vendor in particular, BGF, is pretty non-existant for support and doesn't hang out here...therefore, I will buy from someone who is here, answering questions and promoting the hobby in the future.

    Hope that helps
  5. I have about 110 miles on mine now, and haven't had any problems at all - with the engine that is. I tried to contact them via email two times now w/ no response. My clutch lever was defective, and I wanted it replaced. Never heard from them.
    I have read how an 80cc doesn't exist, but the manual provides a piston sizing chart for the different displacements so maybe, maybe not.
    If I was to buy again, I would go w/ a "ThatsDax" engine or a company that supports this board.
    Powerking also does not have a warranty, so you're on your own if it breaks down. Spend the extra buck and get a better one that has a warranty w/ it.
    My neighbor has a Dax motor, and I noticed that he got a better performance exhaust pipe, but I got the cool black and chrome handle grips. One other difference I noticed was the Powerking has a threaded seal on he CDI to magneto wires that go into the engine case on the bottom. The Dax motor just had the plain wires. That's important because you want to make sure you seal the magneto casing to keep water or moisture out of it. It will short out the magneto if you don't seal it well. I used windshield repair silicone which is working great. Other than that, pretty much looks the same. Both motors have bearings as opposed to bushings as well. That's a major thing to consider when shopping.
    What ever you choose, it's way cool!! - and well worth the investment.

    Hope that helps,

    Thru in a couple pic's for you to check out.
    I painted my motor black, but I have seen a special addition Powerking kit in black if you decide to go w/ them.
    The kit does come w/ a tear drop 1/2 gallon gas tank, I just liked the look of my bike better w/out it on the main frame and relocated it to the carry bag on the rack

    Troy Fitz.

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    Carrot just my opinion but if you buy from a vendor suggested here they will stand behind their product, sometimes saving a few $$ you can get burned and you always have the opportunity to post a grievance and no vender wants that.
  7. yeah, I pretty much agreed w/ all you said.

    "If I was to buy again, I would go w/ a "ThatsDax" engine or a company that supports this board."

    Just giving him the pro's and cons as I have observed them.
    No question I would buy from this board if needed in the future.

    thanks though, :grin:

    Troy Fitz.
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    Thanks guys! I have been looking around and the price for the dax sounds good to me and all the feedback I hear is great and should be well worth my money. I'll post my pics when I get it put together.
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    Dang that black motor looks made for the Moon Dog. Looks really good.
  10. motoschwinn

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    Well one thing you might consider, you'll need the large frame adapter unless your going to :-xdrill:-x thru your aluminum frame... Some sellers offer this, and I've noticed the extras are a bit better quality.

    Just my .02 as I have the same bike.