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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by blackmikeybikey, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. has anybody bought these engines ? (kits) :detective::thinking:

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    I did check out the review
    what I want is info on the kits. are they any good ?
  4. I've bought a kit, and an engine from zoombicycles. The first motor blew up after alot of miles(mostly WOT). I then bought a second one and have been using it since then. Seems good, and had good shipping pirces for me(live in Canada).

    I did have some problems with the customer service however. I was trying to buy a chain and sprocket. They told me it was freeshipping and would cost about $55. When I went pay for it they tryed to get me to pay for shipping so I asked why and they said only engine kits have free shipping although I was told in two seperate emails the shipping was free. Anyway ended up going to bikeberry.com, after I told them I'm not going to take there false advertising.
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    a heads up about chain. I just don't like the junk chain in any kits. I go to
    Tractor Supply & get good chain for about $10.00
  6. I just got the new chain in the mail. Was going to get a high end chain from a local shop but didn't want to spend more money right now. Spent about $250 in the last month or so on my bike.