Ebike with consumer-grade Lion batteries

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by mouchyn, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Since the announcement of the Tesla Motors electric sports car, I have been intrigued by their use of a few thousand consumer-grade rechargeable batteries.

    Has anyone done the math to see how many average AA Lion batteries it would take to make a decent ebike?

    A couple hundred AA batteries take up a relatively small amount of space and could be wired to deliver whatever kind of power is required. The batteries could also be distributed over the bike to balance weight and handling.



  2. skyl4rk

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    I don't know of a source for AA Lion batts but heres an example using NiMH batts. Just plug in the numbers for the Lion batteries.

    If I wanted 48V at 20 amp-hours, that is 48V x 20aH = 960 Watt-hours.

    If I were to use the Sanyo 2500maH NiMH here:


    the specs are:
    $9.90 / 4 cells = $2.48 plus shipping

    1.2V x 2.5aH = 3Wh per cell
    960Wh / 3Wh = 320 cells
    320 cells x $2.48 = $793.60 plus shipping
    Delivery charge looks like $14.00 on that site.

    This calculation is missing an important part: some batteries can supply current better than other batteries. The ability to provide current is rated with a C factor. You need to make sure that the batteries you buy can provide adequate current for the intended use. I don't know how to calculate this and there is no value provided on the website to do so.
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    You guys are getting me all jizzed up. I want a torquamata monster LIGHT electric bike. I've been dreaming this **** for 2+ years............
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    You are not alone Slay. But I have been wanting one for like 8 years now! All the parts are there, now someone just has to be savvy enough to put them all together. A word of warning though in that it won't be a cheap rig. But also not as expensive as say the Optibike either?