EbikeFest Polka Video (57 mph)

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    New Top Speed Set (Downhill) 60 mph

    I knew this motor could do it... it was on a long gradual downhill a few miles from my house.

    (different than in the video)
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    The guy goes right over on the roads wrong side !!!
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    dont have youtube at work.. can you post some pics of the bike?
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    The bike in the video is homemade and looks like this:


    ...I'm using a few more NiCads (the gray tubes) but otherwise it's roughly the same bike.

    I'm nearing 6,500 miles on the bike overall... it has been a good build.

    (built in the summer of 2006)

    My avatar is of my next project, which is not yet operational.


    The motor is only a 500 Watt Unite, but I've done a complete Rewind of the motor and you can read about it here:


    ...I'm pulling 1400 Watts out of a 500 watt motor. :idea:
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    oh yeah ive seen this one on youtube before...is it like instant 57 mph maching? 58 in 1 sec...i could imagine electric vehicules doing such things..
  7. wow that thing is a beauty! I want one.
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