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  1. johnboy3344

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    hi all< i was riding an ebike but not anymore, now that they are illegal

  2. mark2yahu

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    Why, what's the reason?
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    Welcome and hello. Could you tell us more about this. Illegal, where? Why? City ordinance or state thing? Did a policeman or lawyer tell you this or did you get it from reliable source? haha Srry don't mean to offend any police officers here but sometimes they say things are illegal that really aren't. Actually it's in there job description to lie. So its not there fault. I'm not even gonna explain about the lawyer comment.
  4. johnboy3344

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    the NSW supreme court made a ruling on i think 6.7.08 based on the current laws. they determined that an ebike (the ones that look like a Vesper with peddles +200watt motor) can be riden without the use of the peddles so the motor is not an auxillary motor. these bikes are now listed on the RTA website as restricted.
    I also went to court as a result of been charged for riding one, i lost but because i was charged prior to the ruling, i was not given a penalty