Echo string trimmer help!!!


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May 26, 2008
hello all I have a Echo string trimmer I bought off a guy for $30.00. (thought that was a good deal) runs good but to my dismay after removing the shaft and the bell housing half of the clutch goes with the bell housing so where I need the help is what to do next to get the power to the rear tire?
my thoughts have been looking at a chain drive to the pedel shaft so i would have the use of the gears
i have both a ht on a mountain bike with a jack shaft, 7 speeds,expansion chamber exhaust, port mached, its pretty cool. built a friction drive with centrifical clutch an a 20" bmx, this thing is cool, 43cc electric start 1.25" jack handle roller. i must have got it right because this thing is SMOOTH. no vibration. i will definatly build more friction drives but might not build another ht.
Think of safety.....

That chain snaps between your legs and hits you..... would make for one very bad day at the local hospital.

if chain did snap wouldn't the centrifugal force send it into the back of your thigh and not into the johnson area? then the loss of resistance would probably cause your foot to slip off pedal and calf into sprocket... chain guard would eliminate injury to your soft flesh but not to bike

but you only live once

See if you can cut away the bell housing to get at it. I used my dremel to chew away the housing of one of mine and I was able to get at a good portion of the shaft.
thanks i think i might try that and as for the safety thing im a welder so fabing is what i do all day so the guard will be good and will stop all nut and calf attacks by chain. lol im looking for speed seeing how i will be driving the motorbike about 6 miles one way everyday on roads that are posted anywhere from 35-50 not a lot of traffic but enough.