egt test



has anybody hooked up an egt gauge to there Chinese 48 through 80cc engine exhaust with the original carb. it would be good to know the temp at slow, medium, and high rpm, and with deferent needle settings.
I haven't, but I can tell you that a healthy two stroke EGT should be running around 800-1000F W.O.T and slightly higher at cruise. Everything melts at around 1300F.
Perhaps but think about this: the probe would represent a significant portion of the relatively small diameter exhaust. Our exhausts are constricted enough and adding an obstruction (EGT temp probe) would reduce exhaust flow and increase back pressure. NOt an issue if you are running a 3 inch exhaust or have a header with a sigificant area.
With all due respect R/C, I don't think the probe will effect running, however, I think it would be easier and cheaper for the average joe to install the CHT unit.