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    Hi, I was looking around for an engine that is bigger than the eh035 but smaller than the ex13 and I found the eh09. I did a search for posts but came up with nothing. So why dosent anyone use this engine, it says its "specifically designed for rammers" but what exactley is diffrent about it? It lists other uses under the poissible uses box. I also can't find the shaft size. Anybody know anything about this engine? Valve for Rammer
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  2. ocscully

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    After viewing the information at the link you provided I'd say the the major drawback to this engine for a motored bike is its size and weight. Its 330mm/12.9in tall, its 295mm/11.6in wide, and it weighs 21lbs. Is there a specific reason that the Honda GXH50 dosen't fit your criteria? Or DAX's new Titan?

  3. cheeseman

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    no, I was just looking for a bigger engine than 50cc that is four stroke. I really only want to stick to engines that you can get parts for because if parts worn on a generic engine you have to buy a whole new engine verses just buying a part.
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    I understand the desire to get a larger engine, but you have to get a lot bigger than the GXH50 and clones before you realize any benefit. Horsepower is not only a function of displacement, but rpm as well- if you use less displacement more often, you will make the same power in a smaller package.

    As for parts availability, I agree- that is why I went with the Honda.
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    It's a question of parts & also accessories(gearbox's/clutch's etc),i wanna know whatever engine i choose it's the most versatile.Say i wanna swap from an in-frame mount to a rear mount.
    For example:transferring a GXH50 in-frame to a Titan rear(i've been told that they swap straight over but as yet i'm unconvinced)...........i'll know in about 3 weeks.
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    I'm not sure just what you mean by swap straight over but from the photos I've seen of the Dax Titan I don't believe that the mounting points on the Crankshaft side of the engine are the same? If you look closely at the photos of the Titan you will notice the the clutch is partly shielded/housed by the mounting flange, just like many of the 2-stroke weedwacker motors and also the Subaru/ Robin. I also think that the 4 mounting points are the same as the Subaru/Robin and not the same as the Honda? These are just my thoughts based on the photos I've seen here and on Dax'x web site. It will be interesting to know the answer from someone who actually has a Titan engine.

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    I was told ages ago by Aug that the Honda GXH50 engine would fit in the Dax system but alots happened since then.Duane also said he would try a Honda in his system but i havn't heard any more about it.
    I have a new GXH50-QXA as a spare engine so as soon as i get his COMPLETE Titan system(approx 3 weeks) i'm going to see for myself.Even if it does fit i'm still undecided about what engine i'll use.....maybe have the Titan engine as a spare....dunno.
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    I look forward to your future report on the compatability of these two engines. But I'm pretty sure that the power take off unit from the Titan will not be a direct bolt up to the Honda. It will probably require the adapter made by Staton Inc to make it work/fit. Other than that I think there is no reason why the Honda Engine couldn't be used on Dax's rack set up. I've been exploring various ways to get the Honda to work using Metric Timing Belts and Pulleys as the drivetrain, and considered many of the various transmissions available for the primary reduction. All in an effort to avoid the problems people were having with the gear boxes from Grubee and Hoot. I've just recently made buying decisions for the various parts for this drive train and will be posting photos and sources over on my GianStone thread in the near future. Keeping the overall width of the motor as narrow as possible was very important as my bike is a frame mount. This width issue isn't as big a deal with a rack mount.