EHO25 or EH035


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Jun 5, 2008
I've done as much searching as I could and I did find some relevant threads, but my question is what do you consider the advantages/disadvantages when comparing the Robin Subaru 25cc to the 35cc.

I've read that if you're under 200 lbs that the 25cc is just fine, is smaller, runs quieter and gets better gas mileage. Of course the 35cc should be faster, more powerful so why not get it if you don't mind the extra size/weight.

I've read that the clutch in the EHO25 is not very heavy duty, is the EHO35 better? I've read that some people have issues filling the gas on the EHO35, does the EHO25 have the same issue?

I live in an extemely flat town so climbing hills is not a concern. I'm not a speed demon either and I'd be more than happy to be able to cruise along at 25 mph or less.

Which is the best engine for me?
this is opinion based on reading and riding experience, not on actuall ownership of a r/s...

so long as the price increase isn't an issue, i'd think it would be better to go with the 35, then gear the bike to your riding style...imo, it's better to have some reserve power than to peak your engine's performance.
Oddly enough though on the GEBE website they only claim a 1 to 2 mph difference in the top speed between the two engines. Perhaps the difference lies in how it lays down the torque on the lower end.
prezactly, same as the difference in the tanaka' major increase in actual speedage, but more power to work with in yer preferred range.

with the 2-stroke, i chose the smaller but the smaller was still a sizable 32cc...i'd choose the rs35 if i went 4-stroke, but wouldn't hesitate to recommend the 25 to someone who knows they'll have to pedal a bit more...some prefer that.
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For durabilty don't run these engines too hard.Take a larger one,it will be more trouble free,also best milage is usually obtained at less than full power.