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May 11, 2008
Dear Friends,

I plan to at some point set up an electric bike. I am enthused by technological advancements that have come about there like the lithium ion batteries and refinement of the hub motor. And that firm in the UK has a control computer that is really top notch.

I'm a bit put off by the speed though. I need at least 32mph to get my interest and the systems out there seem to fall short of that. This is where the engineering proposal comes in:

Hub motors on the front and rear. Has anyone done that? The only engineering concern that i can see is that the front and rear hubs motors have to be perfectly in sync as far as speed/output. That being accounted for take-off and cornering characteristics of the bike would be mind blowing I would think.

That would eat up too much power I would think. How about a Hybrid electric/gas?
You can set the gas engine to high gearing. Motor gets you up to speed then the engine takes over.
While engine is purring along the electric hub motor is charging your batteries.
Epic win.
search for ecumbent, this guy made a recumbent bike with an electric motor and by the sounds of it goes very very fast!! Good luck by the way!

That is a good and creative idea but is sounds heavy and complicated. Adding a few more batteries for the front end motor might work easier.

But you did spawn a great idea for electric bikes: regenerative braking. Good work!

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Most excellent. Just so happens I was thinking of the possible recumbent application as well. The speed and handling potential of that makes me giddy to think about it. The batteries could be under-frame mounted which would make the balance and handling of the machine quite awesome.

Add leaning design technology to a recumbent trike and we have the most eco friendly speed machine yet advented.

The technology is all out there. We just need to tease the pieces and concepts together.

Thanks for the link.

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I'm genuinely excited about this! When I'm rich and famous I'm definetely going to look into this, that ecumbent is so inconspicuous but the performance sounds amazing!
I have not been to that site yet but by your response we're onto something it seems.

At this point I don't expect to bring these ideas to fruition myself. I don't have the infrastructure. But I have a very strong passion about small vehicles that are fast and eco.

At this point I would welcome people to "steal" our ideas and incorporate them. We need to make a break from the situation (gasoline) we are in now and I see these ideas as a huge inroad towards change.

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