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    Today is election day, here in the States. So, I voted this morning. I took three neighbors with me to the polls, as well - folks who likely would not otherwise have voted, for lack of transportation (it has been raining, it is 2 blocks to the bus stop, and there is no shelter there). One man asked me who I was voting for, and I told him - if it is an incumbent, vote for the other person, regardless of party.

    I thought about it. There is not one single incumbent; city, parish, state or federal worthy of re-election, in my estimation. Wherever possible, I voted for political n00bs, where that was not possible I voted against the incumbent in some races, in others I voted for the opposition candidate. Particularly in the mayoral race here - I voted FOR a particular candidate.

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    Spelled it wrong Simon, it's Erection day, now that we are under Chinese control!

    I didn't give it much thought until today. A couple younger kids asked me for help, (they never voted).

    They were confused why candidates names appeared under conservative and R Party lines. Or C and D lines... They seemed to not know what to do, but wanted to vote for a specific candidate, not understanding they could vote for the same one under C. They were worried their vote wouldn't count...

    I had to explain a vote for the candidate was a vote for the candidate in either case...

    I wish that the reporting agencies would start telling the voters how many votes a candidate got under non D or R Party Lines... IE, Al (R) won the election with 51 votes, 20 of those votes were from the Conservative line that Al ran on.
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    Oh I'm glad to live in the land o cotton

    Lections he are not forgotten

    GOP, GOP, GOP Dixieland

    The Republicans retained the Governor, Lt. Governor, AG, Secretary of State and took both houses of the legislature for the first time in 136 years. Right on time for reapportionment, I might add.

    Kerf happy.

    Nancy's scrawny a$$ has been fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kerf, just talked to Nancy. She knows your mame and the street. What ever you do don't answer the door cause she doesn't like your attitude.

    First time in 136 years that the state is 100% Republican. Wow. That has to feel good and tell you how the people feel. Hope great things come from it.

    Congradulations all.

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    The big problem is that if the Repubs do nothing or the same things as the Dems, they'll be gone too. In my eyes, there really is no difference between the two. It's a sad state of affairs.
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    Patience my dear friend, patience, lets let them take the oath of office before we draw and quarter them. They may revert to the old ways but something has changed. In the rout of 94, the voters spoke only at the ballot box and the Republicans, I believe, thought America just wanted to see new faces. Today, however, the people spoke clearly before the election as to what they are demanding, a return to smaller government, reduced taxes, reduced spending and a return to the Word and Intent of the Constitution. They were also clear as to what would happen, should the new team fail to deliver.

    Only time will tell if they got the message, meanwhile, my pitchfork and torch is still at hand.
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    I feel a little left out living in a state where dingbatisim runs rampant.

    On another topic-
    Why are Zero and thousands of corporate leaders leaving the country for India (at 200M per day for 10 days)?
    Zero won the primary after worshipping (?) at the throne of Zeus in Germany (he even made a duplicat of that throne of satan here in Denver).

    He carries around a little monkey-god in his pocket and will be visiting the temples of various (demon) gods in India.
    Is he going to get re-charged with demonic power after his demoncratic defeat?
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    Some of you will enjoy this very brief video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF5hWbgrzGI

    What part of the fact that the Tea Party label is just that, not a "PARTY" identifier (a handy historic referent), do so many find so incomprehensible? We all understand that some are such a committed Democrats/Republicans that you cannot conceive of opposing Party dicta, so why can you not understand that enormous numbers of Americans are utterly sick of the party system, and while willing to join together in expressing that disgust, are NOT committed to some "Party Platform"?

    I know people who will openly acknowledge supporting Tea Party goals in part, while bitterly opposing goals that other people who they rally with are committed to. Things like the anti-abortion stance some espouse, or the anti-*** rights positions others take. The fact that some racists (white, black, or brown) espouse some common goals with others under a common umbrella does not make the Tea Party racist - no more than the fact that Obama is friends with an avowed communist makes him a communist.

    I know Latinos who are bitterly opposed to the lax enforcement of the immigration laws, who openly advocate rounding up illegals and deporting them. Similarly, I know muslims bitterly opposed to wahabist misinterpretation of the koran, who openly supported the invasion of Afghanistan, and some few who maintain that exterminating the "cockroaches" in the Taliban supporting tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan is what should be done.

    Parties are what is wrong with our political system, not the solution to the problems.

    The solution is for people who will do what they believe to be in the best interests of the NATION to speak up, and throw the "business as usual" party hacks out. Will such folk make mistakes? Of course. Will such people support stances on issues that are diametrically opposed to a "progressive" democratic agenda? Of course some will - which opposition does not make them wrong, as "progressive elitists" certainly have no lock on infallibility.

    Here's another very short but sweet one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy9r6H-czWA
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    Simon, the second one is especially defining. The only problem with it is, that CA and NY are hardcore blue and give the libs/dems an automatic 86 electoral votes before the voting ever starts.
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    The rule used to be, you can't win the White House without the South and at the time the South was voting Democrat. Reagan changed that forever and the Conservatives strength is still growing here. What happened here is spreading to other areas and pretty well leaving the left coast and the extreme northeast isolated with the Socialist / Marxist / Communist / Liberals (take your pick). We just took a sharp right turn toward the 2004 election map, with the exception that the Democrats can no longer depend on the Midwestern states and Pa.

    By the way, the MarxoFascist Obama is spending $2,000,000,000.00 on his India trip, so he can see the Festival of Lights, during a DEPRESSION. If I'm a hardcore Democrat, I'm reaching for the Hemlock now, so I can beat the rush to the cemetery.

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    Liberal dingbatism

    Might I remind everybody of the dammage a Liberal R did to NY in 1973... He did this by placing heroin equal to the law with LSD and marijuanna...

    His name? Nelson Rockefeller....

    Now it has become, dead dog dead person??? What's the difference....

    Pro, I don't know why we keep electing loosers, but if it keeps up, I'm going to be forced out of a home!

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    How much more "free", "re-dispersed" wealth do we need to print?

    Silver and Gold ain't worth more.... Our money is worth less Boy's!

    $26 for silver!!! $26 for $10 in copper pennies? Things ain't getting better for a long time!

    The value of Gold and Silver will always remain the same... In 1994 Silver was $6!

    The difference is that there's now 4X as much US dollars floating around the "Global Economy"!

    Watch the newly elected "savior" R's favor this approach...
  14. machiasmort

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    Erection day is far to near to Halloween. They are Redumbicrats in Republican costumes we hired! We have to compete w/ China so we are devaluing our money...
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    So what solution do you propose? Pretty much the rest of the country has demanded a return to the Constitutionally mandated "Government of Limited and Enumerated Powers", although the voters in your state are happy with the Progressive/Socialist agenda. The damage to our country's economy by these progressives has been extensive and the repairs will be painful, maybe too much for some to bear. Your state, along with California, is on the edge of bankruptcy and I don't think the new House will approve a bailout. Mort, me thinks you may be F U C K E D!!!!
  16. machiasmort

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    I'm not alone Brother! This State is determined to take down the entire UNION! I don't know one person personally that voted for Coumo but he's in! Not one!!! Western NY voted Paladino... Where did this guy's votes come from?

    We are all F U C K E D! Is what I've been trying to say!

    When 100 copper pennies is worth 3 US Dollars, but a Dollar by SSI index is still only a Dollar, Houston, we have a problem!!!
  17. machiasmort

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    We won't take away SSI or limit it, "they'd riot". Instead we'll make everybodys check worth even less! : - )

    We won't take away the right to join a Union, We'll take away the jobs...

    For those still working, justify the $50 a week you spend in gas to get to work... Yet your going to tell me that barge full of C R A P from China gets here cheaper???

    WTF is going on? It's plain to see Kerf!

    I fully commend all of the Old people that got out to vote (half jokingly) like I did! But when we wake up today, it's still the same corrupt AMERICA that both Parties have been forging for decades!
  18. machiasmort

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    We've got the D's that represent the illegals, and people who otherwise don't want to work and the R's that say they are by the Constitution until they commit treason by rubbing elbows w/ foriegn business.

    We need a third Party for those who have worked and are working... The WF Party has already been bought by corrupt D's... The T-party is largely the same off-shoot as Working family is to the D's. Different name, same B.S.
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    Don't be so pessimistic Mort, we still have the LAW. I'm not talking about man's law, I'm talking Natural Law and it CAN NOT BE VIOLATED. We can go bankrupt, starve , kill each other and cease to exist, Natural Law doesn't care. Natural Law only says, if you're going to survive, you must follow Me. Unions, Progressives, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, and Fascist all try to exist in the face of Natural Law and if you allow yourself to be associated with them, in any way, your future is at best uncertain. Conservatism acknowledges Natural Law and attempts to work within it's bounds. I'm not sure you are ready to take the full Conservative leap, as it requires a full rejection of the union Progressive establishment. But as I've said before, there's survivors and those that don't, pick your side soon!
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    You know, the American Dollar was originally defined to be:

    At 1,375/oz today, that makes the $1 federal reserve note actually worth 1/$32.74 = $.0305 cents.