Electra Street Rod GasPunk 4stroke

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  1. Just finished this build! Super happy how it turned out!

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    How does it ride??? Can you post some vids or something???
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  3. Vids to come!
  4. It rides really smooth. It's geared too tall but can easilly be lowered a bit. The Electra Bike was perfect for this project w/ heavy duty 700c wheels and moustache bars. for 26" wheels this gearing might be perfect. The HF motor is a little Mack Truck!

    The motor is quiet too and just thumps down the road at low rpm's, chugs right along w/o winding out! Very little vibration!
  5. More Foto's I forgot earlier!

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    49 cc`s officer:whistling:.
  7. Exactly!

    You know lots o' people worry about cc's a lot of the time and at some point it does matter but what matters a lot more is how you ride.

    The Fuzz around here don't care, multispeed, cc's, whatever, I can't really seem to get their attention at all (not that I'm trying). Talked to a few city & state troopers they say 50 cc and pedals but law is written as 3 grades of registered "Motor Driven Cycle" classified as <5HP. 3 grades are lighting/speed designations i.e better lights faster speed limits.