Electra Townie Balloon 7D with 2 Stroke

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    So here is the ever morphing townie with a 2 stroke, these are the latest pics. although it has a different carb on it now. I am breaking in a new engine, it's been alot of work up to this point. changed the front end including the handlebars, seat, added rack, custom engine mount of course, I have a custom muffler I"ll mount once I lean out the mix. it's just made out of 2 broken mufflers and some flex tube in between, but it puts the exhaust out behind me by the tensioner. I think the rich mix lets alot of oil build up in the u shaped flex tube section.

    Electa Townie 7D Balloon (1).jpg Electa Townie 7D Balloon (2).jpg Electa Townie 7D Balloon (3).jpg

    I am still working on the fenders, both need modifying. especially the front with the rockshox on there now. I made a saddle bracket to go over the arch on the forks.

    20151006_182552_resized.jpg 20151006_181627.jpg

    but with the struts mounted to the hub the bracket sits well above the fork arch, so I have another piece of the same steel and will make a new one. I am using goop, a black automotive goo that sets quite hard but not brittle. I use it on the underside of the gas tank and it works very well. I also used it to reinforce the fender struts with thread stock, the struts have a ridge style and in the hollow I cut to match and secured thread stock. at the ends of the ridge I have a few inches of heat shrink to add strength and help with vibration. geezer fenders on rockshox ought to be some what unique. once front is finished, I will match fender tail height with the back. that will require rotating the fender back, which will need a custom mount to secure the front end of rear fender.

    as with everything on the bike, there is alot of checking and going over.

    I had to switch from threaded to threadless headset to get a front suspension, I couldn't find springer forks to fit a 9 1/2" steer tube. even with a new uncut headtube on the rockshox it took an extension to get 2" more. so keeping an eye on all that. it's nice having the suspension, and with the seat for the rear suspension it rides quite nice. with the handle bars came quite a different handling feeling, not quite as agile. but I'm getting used to it.

    so it's coming along and the end for now is in sight.

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    where's she's at now, for now


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    Electra Townie 7D Balloon Motorized (3).jpg Electra Townie 7D Balloon Motorized (4).jpg Electra Townie 7D Balloon Motorized (5).jpg Electra Townie 7D Balloon Motorized (1).jpg
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    Now grab some zip ties to clean up the spaghetti you have for front cabling ;-}
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    Thanks KC. I know the cables kind of bug me, especially with the light shining through them. I do have zaps in use, I was just thinking I didn't want the cable path to be too restrictive to make sure I have smooth operation. I will look at your work and see how your doing and try mimic.
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    Electra Townie with 2 Stroke (1 of 1).jpg Electra Townie with 2 Stroke (1 of 1)-2.jpg

    A buddy gave me a strip of exhaust wrap that I have on now. don't love the look, but better exhaust flow and less leg burn in the warmer months. I have a new muffler to work on now anyways, but will probably use the wrap on that one too.
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    Very nice bike! That looks like a very good frame to work with.

    If you would indulge me, I'd love to know the wheelbase length.

    Congrats of a beautiful vehicle.
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    Nice 'button up" job.
    She's a beauty.
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    Thanks Timbone. It's nice frame to ride, motorizing as a noob was rather challenging. now looking back doesn't seem such a big deal; custom mounts, switch from threaded to threadless, part sourcing, everything else was noob mistakes and learning pains. although, no regrets, I am enjoying her now.

    from front wheel to back is 74", but that is with the rock shox which are about 3" longer than the stock ones. so stock I would guess 71.5 to 72".

    Thanks KC, still got a ways to go. just was given a new muffler, and that needs a bit of fitting and figuring. I still have a engine mounted jackshaft kit to install, which requires a rear mount for a chopper. there is someone local who will make me custom aluminum mounts. so I have to decide what crank case to commit to from now on. right now my crankcase is from my zoom engine, wide front mount. but I plan to get my future engines from Cheez, who uses narrow front mount crankcases. so that means tossing the zoom to the side, and right now my engine is running so well I can't bring myself to tearing it apart. so both the js and mounts will have to wait until I can justify it somehow. near by is someone who will do a custom gas tanks, so I want to pursue that as well. when I have to engine off and apart I need to do a repaint on basically everything, black on black on black with black highlights.

    then and only then will I be ready to change something else...
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    so have the poo-poo pipe set up on the right side, running a 70 jet, needle second notch from the top.

    electra townie (2).jpg electra townie (3).jpg electra townie (4).jpg exhaust.jpg
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