Electric, been there, done that.. now for GAS

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ypedal, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Ypedal

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    Alright.. i suspect this is likely a common question but i need some feedback please..

    I have gone just about as far as i could go down the EV path, 1000's $$$ spent on batteries, motors, controllers, frames, i have built a hefty collection of ebikes including a chopper, mtb, BMX, cruiser, bents, DH .. ... SLA to Nicad to Nimh to Lithium/Mn/FePo4/Cobalt ..

    To put some perspective on all this, i want to try both 2 stroke and 4 stroke systems.

    I'm familiar with ICE's, i have a Honda 250sx trike, and a Polaris 700cc quad, have had numerous dirt bikes in my day ( including my very first KV75, kawasaki 75cc 2 stroke, 3 speed auto-clutch, i miss that bike.. )

    Anyways.. i'm ready to buy a Gasser,and need some input on what to start with.

    The Happytime type 2 strokes 80cc seems like a good place to start.. who's selling in canada that people can recommend ?

  2. fetor56

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    Canada....Chris Hill........their more expensive but he's recieved good reviews on MBc.

    BTW...team his engine with a descent expansion chamber/carby & you'll have a truly GREAT bike.
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  3. kerf

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    There are some good vendors of HT's but in the end they are what they are. I would encourage you to spend a little time looking at rack mounts. The engines are much better quality and the systems work better. GEBE and Staton are two of the best. I have a Staton chain drive with a high performance 4.2HP two cycle, can run almost 50, cruises at 30-35 all day. So reliable, it doesn't even feel home built, a little bored that I have nothing to do to my bike but ride.
  4. astring

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    that golden eagle bike engine with the Robin Subaru eho35 4 stroke is a sweet ride. They cost a bit but they are worth it. Their link is on the top left on this page.
    If you are going to use this to get to work and want a dependable ride you should seriously consider GEBE. If you want to play around then go with a happy time (I may pick up a happy time for fun some day).
  5. SirJakesus

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    It sounds like you've done just about everything there is to be done with Ebikes so if you want to try just about every gas system you can't pass the better happytimes up. However I'm with Kerf on this one. If you want something quality that doesn't constantly need attention because its beating the heck out of itself look into the GEBE or Staton kits. I can say from experience that the Staton kits are top notch in quality and very versatile in how they can be setup and what engines will work with them etc. For 2-stroke look into the TLE43 or GP460. I have the TLE43 personally its a great reliable little engine. It is a bit limited in top end stock but very quiet.

    On a side note I lived in PEI for awhile and traveled through Moncton many times. You have a beautiful country up there and wonderful people.
  6. rossfree

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    Hi Ypedal,

    I've seen you over at Endless-Sphere. Ditto from me on the comments above. Staton or GEBE if you want a reliable ride with little upkeep. I have the GEBE and love it. Had to beef up the spokes to 12 gage and recommend doing so from the start... other than that it just works, rain or shine.

    That's one of the advantages over EV. You don't have to worry about insulating all of the electrics. You don't have battery weight, the engines for Staton or GEBE are good for THOUSANDS of miles and the engine tank is good for about 25 miles give or take. I carry a spare fuel bottle on the bike adding another 30 miles. Others have added larger tanks for longer commutes.

    I am getting no less than 150 mpg on my 32cc Tanaka engine and after a 16 mile round trip to work, I can fill up at home in less than 30 seconds... and that includes putting the gas cap back on! :)

    I don't like the noise of a small engine but you just can't beat the simplicity of it's design. It took less than an hour to install my kit and I was riding. I spent a lot more time beefing up the bike with accessories like lights, better brakes, tube slime and fenders than installing the engine kit.

    Kerfs statement about having nothing to do but ride pretty much says it all! I do recommend not going cheap... it will cost you more money and time in the long run. Staton or GEBE and your all set. Your looking at around $800 for a kit and accessories give or take to put on your bike of choice. You can spend more but you really don't have to.

    Happy trails!

  7. ZnsaneRyder

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    Great forum thread! It will help us here to make better decisions with our MBikes! Gas or electric!

    I originally wanted to go with electric so I can charge my batteries around town (from 120V outlets) for next to free. Only problem was batteries are so expensive to get a good range, and I live in the country a few miles from town, so I went with gas instead. I still want to ADD electric to the gas trailer setup in the future.

    I love my bike pusher-trailer, but it has reliability issues due to the high HP, heavy weight, and the hours of use it gets every week. It breaks the axle bolts every few trips, so I keep spare bolts handy. It wears out the axle bearings quickly. Also I burn up tires and belts quickly, so I try to drive slow. Despite that, the high torque of the engine, and gas mileage of 90-100MPG makes it very worth the drive for sure.

    I am also looking for a reliable gas engine setup for the bike that would be much more reliable, still 4 stroke, and better MPG, and much lighter so I can have it on the bike instead of towing a heavy engine like I do now.
  8. CalgarysFool

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    Perhaps you could rig up a hi-brid, with electric on-board for in town use, and a detachable cart for the commute to and from the country home.

  9. RedGreen

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    I have two happy times and they have been fairly simple to keep running. They may not be the fastest or the strongest but they are fun and my first one has lasted over 3 years now with no engine work. The second one has always seemed to run stronger for some reason. Try a prewar frame, like an Elgin, it's strong and it's long and rides good. The nicest thing about the HTs are that they actually have a clutch like a real motorcycle because of this I think they give you more control. My two cents.
  10. Ypedal

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    Hmm... interesting stuff.. thanks for all the info guys.. !! much apreciated... i can see that just like the EV options, gas has a wide range of quality vs price range...

    I have a " Miele Last Call " cruiser, has a rear Nexus 7 speed internal hub that is not being used at the moment, i think it's a good candidate ( once i add front brakes !!! )

    Knowing myself well enough, i know i'll be into bigger carbs and port/polish and high compression soon enough hehe..
  11. Drunkskunk

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    Ypedal, You Trader!

    ha ha! just kidding. I'm actualy here because I just bought a kit. I'm not giving up the Ebike, but who can resist 100mpg?
  12. Ypedal

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    Heh... well.. ya know, it was bound to happen eventually. as they say, don't knock it t'il you try it.
  13. skyl4rk

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    Howzabout a gas powered range extending generator?

  14. Drunkskunk

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    I think that idea's been kicked around over on ES a few times, and it would work for the occasional longer range, but when you add up the numbers, you'll go farther by skipping the electrical motor and running the bike directly off the generator's motor.