Electric Bicycle - CA Laws ... ???

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  1. vja4Him

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    What are the laws regarding a bicycle with an electric motor? I'm still researching which motor to get for my Electra Townie ...

    Will I need a headlight? Will a regular bicycle light be acceptable? What about a horn? Do you have to have an electric horn? Or will the kind that you squeeze work?

    What about tail lights and signal lights? I have a good, strong flashing tail light.

    Man, I'm beginning to wonder if it's really worth all the hassle ... after reading so many stories of people getting arrested, fined, going to court ....

  2. Mountainman

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    Calif is very elect motor bike friendly

    you need not worry about those THINGS in Calif

    Calif is very elect motor bike friendly

    small one time license plate -- 18 dollars

    if ridden in the day time should be treated same as bicycle

    no lights, horn ect needed

    get one soon and ride that thing
  3. Electric bike

    Hi well mAYBE you do not need plate for electric bike? Look on CHP motorcycle webpage to get the straight news.

    I do not remember, and that is because I NR+EVER do electrics.

  4. vja4Him

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    Wow ... !!! Is that for real ... ??? What do I have to do? Go to DMV, take the moped test, and get a plate, and that's it?

    If I'm riding in the dark, will my bicycle light and rear flashing red light be good enough?