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    plastic hub.... yeah like that will last very long

    LOVE the pics of the factory.. board on 2 sawhorses...

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    plastic shouldnt be a problem really....there are plenty of durable ones available...and it's only 250watt.
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    Then you might want to learn about what makes a bicycle wheel strong and why and what effect diffent lacing patterns have on the strength of the wheel. You also might want to do research on how wide rear hubs come as maybe not all are the same widths... something it seems this scam artist does not know
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    I don't need your advice on what to study or learn . I'm not the one hanging onto old paranoia.
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    Is there a post from the "positive club" Plastic is 2013 hardly a problem or? The idea I think is incredibly smart, in a simple way makes your bike to an electric bicycle
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    This is kind of like what I have but mine isn't as fancy and has a bit more power. I was thinking surely to the lord they wouldn't actually make the hub itself out of plastic and thought it was just a plastic cover / housing for the hub.
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    I think this is the production version, the Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian: https://www.superpedestrian.com/

    It has a 350W motor for the USA and is built in the USA.

    Looks similar to Fischer and Paykel Kelvinator Smart Drive wash machine motors built for the overseas market.

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    NONE available for sale...

    Pre-order today and own a limited edition, hand-crafted Copenhagen Wheel, invented and built in Cambridge, MA
    Pre-Order Now

    same bunch of misfits as in the first link... if going to offer for sale better have available for shipment in 24 hours or less