Electric Bike 48V Hub Motor Test

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  1. boyntonstu

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    A minimalist eBay $189.95 kit install.

    First run with 48V.

    An AC/DC 48V converter is used instead of batteries.

    No PAS (Pedal Assist), no brake switch connection.

    I had to work out some issues along the way, but once you figure it out, it is really easy.

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  2. jaguar

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    did the kit not come with batteries?
    what kind are you going to install?
  3. boyntonstu

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    I use reclaimed laptop batteries.

    This was my first design:

    For 48V 10+ Ahr pack there will be 12 groups of 5 cells in a new battery holder that I am designing.

    Each 18650 will clip in and be replaceable.
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