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    I have all the parts for an electric build that I was working on. I bought a Whizzer and it has taken my time, so I am selling all my electric stuff.
    I have a Micargi Bronco Frame with mountain bike fork that has been converted to 1" steer tube, 3/8" reinforced drop outs.-$175 plus shipping

    I have a Crystalyte complete set up all new unused. HS3540 hub motor that the phase wires have been upgraded to 10g, and a Turnigy temp sensor installed. it is laced in a SUN MTX31 rim. Crystalyte 72v45amp sensorless controller, Crystalyte APM display, Crystalyte throttle, wiring, brake levers, keyed switch. $550 +shipping

    I have 2 new bc168 200w 8amp balance chargers and HP power supplies for each.-$100 for each charger includes power supply +shipping

    I have a set of SUN SOS disc brake rims $90+shipping

    I am in Melissa TX 75454

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