Electric bike builder, after CVT help.

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    Hey guys, i have built afew electric bikes, most recent ones have been a 2KW electric pivot engaging friction drive, moves itself on and off the tire as you use the throttle. And then in the last few weeks i build a 5KW hub motored bike that i was planning to register as a electric scooter to allow me to ride it on the road up to 50km/h. Long story short it was going to end up costing me over $2.5k to register it, 200W is over the legal limit so i am riding it around limited to like 1/10th of its power :(

    Decided i would like to build a motorcycle version to register as a engine swap to electric, $200, and for that i would like to have gears, its fairly hard to get a 2 speed transmission thats light and compact so i am looking at CVTs which fit the bill along with been automatic.
    The planned motor is 7KW normaly, i plan to build forced cooling for it so i should be able to push it to 10KW long enough for accelleration runs and a RPM of about 11k.

    I am hoping to be able to use the collective smarts on this site to help me figure out what would need to be done to a Pocket bike CVT to handle that power if any mods.


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    Hi Blue, welcome to Motoredbikes! I think you will be the pioneer on your adventure.
    I doubt a pocket bike cvt will stand up to mega power.