Electric Bike Commuters ?


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2:33 AM
Aug 7, 2007
Fairfax, VA
Bravo to all motorized bike commuters - you are doing the country a favor (through less gasoline consumption) and everyone should consider this option. That being the case, anyone out there commuting regularly on an electric bike ? "Ypedal" (and others) has been a huge help for the electric bike enthusiasts on these boards and I know he commutes on his electric/s but is there anyone else out there ? When I sell one of my 2 stroke bikes (I have 2), I hope to build an electric bike of similar performance - lets see if it can be done ? My commute to work is 7 miles each way (14 miles total) with 2 or 3 hills (not major hills) - I am 240lbs and am not a lightweight ... what are your opinions ? Not everyone has the expertise or the funds to dive head first into the world of having multiple $700 batteries. I realize that the financial commitment to building a capable electric bike is going to be significantly more then any 2 stroke but is this something that can be done without busting the bank ? Anyone with a similar situation want to chime in ? What type of motor/battery are you using ? Tips or opinions on doing the daily grind on a motorized bike ? Doing a Saturday afternoon ride around the neighborhood is probably VERY different from using it Mon to Fri wearing a tie and slinging a laptop bag on my shoulder ? Am I dreaming or is this being done (regularly) already ? i'd love to hear more ...
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