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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by gmoney, May 25, 2012.

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    Hello I'm new,I had a bad experience.I recently purchased a electric bike from kings motorbikes,and the tires were dry rott.At first I,thought I hit,a curb,but upon closer inspection both tires were dry rott.I called kings & they had no compassion,they practically called me a liar.I am out 46$ for two new tires and one new tube also 25$ for paying someone to take me to Walmart twice,because the condition of the tires were not known immediately.I had a sinking feeling they would not want to reimburse me the cash I shelled out.They say their policy is to replace the tires once I mail them back the old ones..Never mind the fact that I already purchased new ones.I askwd the manager why I,should be made to suffer when you advertise your product as being new,that's when he said I,was telling a lie. I am going to ship them the old tires & the tube which got damaged due to the dry rott tires.I don't expect a good result,even if they give me two new tires at this point I still lose.Huge company's that hang on to everydime, even after their product has been determined to be defective should be ran out of business.So spread the word that a form of fraud.BUYER BEWARE kings motorbike.I was planning on. Buying three or fourr more bijes from them,,they lose,bye.