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    So, this is my second electric bike, and the first I've shown here. My first bike was a 3/4 harley chopper that is going to get converted to gas power 'cause electric choppers aren't as cool as gas ones... Anyways, while riding that chopper, I realized I wanted something more nimble, easier to turn around and lighter. The last point wouldn't be difficult as it weighed about 160lbs loaded up with lead-acid batteries. I also needed something that was better as just a bicycle, which the chopper was terrible at. You could ride without power, but it's easier to push. I guess the pedals technically worked...

    I fancy the old cafe racers, board-trackers, rat rods, veteran-era bikes, crotch rockets and they all have their influence on this bike.

    For power I'm using a 2700w Turnigy G160, meant for an RC airplane, 200amp ESC, a gearbox from a FIRST robot (andymark.com) and freewheel kit from SickBikeParts.com. This brings the 6,000 RPM of the motor down to 175 or so at the crank. Not the best for pedaling, but I like the speed. This is fed into a nine-speed Shimano Hyperglide with a 32 low and 11 tooth high. Over all gearing yields about 45mph, but the motor lacks enough torque to run the last couple cogs without a downhill grade. More reduction in the crank area will sort some this out.

    Here's the motor, speed controller, the charger and a couple batteries that power my machine.
    IMG_0495.jpg IMG_0510.jpg

    Here's the bike I started with:

    Last summer it had visited the Black Rock Desert, been brought home and left outside for the winter. About February I decided I should probably clean it up, but for the most part, it was too late. I had been collecting random downhill parts in the hope of building up one, as my girl also has a downhill bike. New wheels were built up, the one-piece crank converted to a European-style cartridge BB, the headset was likewise converted to threadless in order to accomodate a dual-crown fork. The rim brakes were swapped for hydraulic disc. One brake lever has been modified to accommodate an integrated shift lever, which I love, really lessens the clutter on the right hand controls. The push button shifting combined with the electric motor really give it that crazy Japanese bike sound when accelerating.

    Presently, it runs. Easily does 30mph, sometimes more (charge voltage plays a huge role), on the flat, climbs pretty good, accelerates hard. If I had the weight shifted back it would probably wheelie. I'm in the process of building a fairing set and better containers for the electrical components and setting up additional lighting and gadgets.

    On with the pictures!
    P5030020.jpg P5030022.jpg P5030024.jpg P5030033.jpg P5030037.jpg P5030042.jpg P5030041.jpg P5030044.jpg P5030050.jpg

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    It's been fifty or so miles since I got it running and today I made some bodywork for it.

    IMG_0592.jpg IMG_0593.jpg

    Tomorrow I'll work on the lower half covers.