Electric Class III hitch lift for Whizzer?

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    New member. Was wondering if there is an electric lift of some kind for a SUV to carry a Whizzer which I haven't purchased yet Can't lift 150 lbs or whatever they weigh. Not sure I could handle one of those tilt jobs either. Have spent quite a bit of time looking on Tilt-a-Lift type sites, motorcycle lift sites, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Located in Toledo OH. Will try to pick up a NE-R in the Spring at the show in Grand Rapids, OH or Ann Arbor, MI. Thanks
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  2. shushirice

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    Electric Class III Hitch to carry Whizzer

    Hi. Just got here from Toledo, OH. Age 76, and not too strong anymore. Have to find a way to carry a Whizzer around on my SUV before I even buy one. Been looking on the Tilt-a-whatever sites for bicycle, and heavy motorcycle electric lifts with no luck. Not sure I can even handle one of those tilt contraptions. Would like to get a NE-R at the show in Grand Rapids, OH next April, or in Ann Arbor, MI. Any help would be appreciated. Chuck
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    This looks ideal and a reasonable price...ummm might need to get one for my 5th wheel.
    http://www.discountramps.com/dirt-bike-hitch-carrier.htm Shipped $180.00

    I have no trouble loading it in my pick up, but it's kind of hard to carry one with a 5th wheel hooked up.

    There are are many more, that is just a couple I looked at.
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